Where can I find good winter drink specials in DC?
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I'm looking for places in the DC area to enjoy a hot winter drink - hot toddies, spiked egg nog, etc. Any ideas?
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Hmm. I wonder if the round robin bar at the Willard would do this.


Willard’s Winter Therapy
Bailey’s, Godiva, peppermint, hot water

Sugar- Plum Toddy
10 Cane Rum, Framboise, Triple Sec, cranberry juice

Martha’s Pirouette
Absolut Pears, Triple Sec, white cranberry juice

Harrison’s Spiced Apple Cider
Absolut Pears, Triple Sec, white cranberry juice

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While it's not fancy, Cosi has some yummy drinks, in some nice locations.
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Oh yeah, I go to the Willard every winter to listen to musicians perform wintry music and to sip hot buttered rum (hot cider and cookies are free). It's very classy.
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I'm not sure about specials, but the Tabard Inn is cozy this time of year, and has a great bar.
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The cafe/bar at the back of Kramerbooks?
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I'm not familiar with the DC area, but this cold weather drink is easy to make at home and always a people-pleaser when you're entertaining: in an Irish coffee type of mug, pour a shot of whiskey and a shot (or eyeball it) of maple syrup. Fill the cup with coffee, stir and top with whipped cream. Serve with a straw.
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Response by poster: Let me clarify a bit: I'm looking for places to go that have special or unique winter drinks, like the Willard mentioned above.
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Or you could try Firefly on Connecticut, I've always been impressed with their Colorado winter type atmosphere and yummy winter cocktails (think maple sugar dusted drinks)
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If you don't get enough answers here, I would recommend asking the "Going Out Gurus" on washingtonpost.com. They do a Thursday chat starting at 1:00, and this is exactly the type of question they'll answer. Here's this week's upcoming chat.
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Buzz in Alexandria has some tasty warm drinks:

Hot Liquored Drinks
Hot Apple Pie
Peppermint Mocha
Godiva White
Bailey's & Coffee
Grand Marnier & Coffee

My guess is that only the first drink on Willard's Winter Warmers and Holiday Cocktails list is served hot.
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Yes i believe you are correct
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Old Europe in Glover Park is currently serving gluhwein.
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