Help me fix my couch.
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Help me fix my Ikea couch.

I have a 3-seater leather Ikea Ektorp couch, which I love. However, there is one point on the couch where everyone sits and now the cushions at that part have lost their firmness and are a little saggy. You can't tell from looking at it but it is noticeable when you sit on it. For some reason, the seat cushions (unlike the back cushions) are attached to the frame so I can't remove them to get new foam put in.

Has anyone else with an Ikea couch experienced this? How do I go about getting my sagging cushions replaced?
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Have you tried calling Ikea? I haven't tried for cushions but I've always been able to buy replacement parts I needed. Otherwise, an upholstery repair place should be able to replace the insides of the cushion and sew it up good as new.
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You don't say how long you've had it, but the Ikea catalog indicates there is a 10 year warranty on that style of sofa. I second calling Ikea, but this sounds like it should be their responsibility to fix, assuming you are within the warranty period and have used the sofa "normally."
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Response by poster: I've had it for 2 or 3 years, and I did see the part about the warranty on their website but I have the feeling that I would have to bring the couch to them, which is 25 miles away. I don't have a car so I was hoping there was an easy way I could just go about getting some new cushions put in. Also, I may not be able to find my receipt, which I think they might ask for.
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Their spare parts department is pretty comprehensive. Try calling the store's, and ask for a copy of the sofa's assembly instruction sheet to be sent to you. If there's a way to detach the cushion at home, that should give you an idea of how.

If the cushions aren't secured underneath, you can probably stuff some extra padding (a spare towel, old bed pillow, a hunk of foam, etc.) under that corner to bolster it for now.

Don't worry too much about the receipt. It's an Ektorp -- it's not like they can debate where it was purchased at an Ikea. So the only question could be of age (have they been making Ektorp for over 10 years??). If pressed, bring in the old credit card statement. They can probably look up the transaction in their database.
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I had this same problem with an Ektorp fabric sofabed (except the two bottom cushions on it are removable, and we had the receipt). We took the cushions in with the receipt and warranty, and after a looooong wait, they gave us brand new ones.

Ektorps were recently remade to have a top layer of feathers in the cushions, and the guy at the IKEA service counter actually called the old cushions without feathers "defective," so the sagginess is a known problem. Perhaps, even without a receipt, that fact might help you out.
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