Help me Panic! less at the disco!
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Indiebandfilter: Help me find some unknown bands that I'd like, considering that I like the bands listed in my more inside:

I've been listening to the Panic! At the Disco album (A Fever You Can't Sweat Out) over and over and over and over. I absolutely love it. However, I'm getting a bit sick of listening to the same album over and over all day long. I love the Killers (which this Panic! album kinda reminds me of... turns out they're both Vegas based, so I guess it's not that big a suprise), but I'm *really* tired of listening to their album. Is this a Vegas "sound", or is it just coincidence that these two bands ended up with similar sounds?

Some other bands whose style I really love include Adema, 30 Seconds to Mars, Billy Talent, Earshot, and Echo 7. I'd love to find some more bands with similar styles to any of these bands. Preferably on the indie/unknown side, as chances are I've heard of other mainstream bands that you have in mind, but hell, bring em all on.

(Note: I tried very hard to make this non-chatfilter. I really am only looking for bands similar to the ones I've listed, so just telling me your favourite indie band probably won't help me too much. :))
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One word: Pandora.
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Pandora's good and all, but you'll have to fake it out with a made-up ZIP code.

On the other hand, doesn't have such silly restrictions but does pretty much the same job.
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Ooooh, Pandora is awesome! (note, it didn't ask me for a ZIP code). Some of the new bands I've already found (for my own records as much as for people that find this thread in the future):

We Are Scientists (I've actually heard of these guys, but never heard their stuff)
Hawthorne Heights
All Systems Go
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When I heard 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' on the radio, I was convinced it was a new Fall Out Boy single, so if you haven't checked them out yet, you might want to give them a listen. And seconding the suggestion.
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Ahhh yes, I actually snagged both of Fall Out Boy's albums (and since they're the ones that discovered Panic, I guess it's not a surprise that they sound similar) but haven't listened to them yet.
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The Futureheads (and they have a new album coming out!)
The Ordinary Boys
The Editors
Young Soul Rebels
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Does other Ordinary Boys stuff sound anything like that "Boys will be boys" single? If so, that's definitely not something I'm interested in.
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Definitely up your alley:
-Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Sort of close:
-The Dandy Warhols
-The Most Serene Republic

Indietronic (You might like it. Softer than what you listed though):
-Broken Social Scene
-The Postal Service

If you want to be fucking metal:
-In Flames
-Arch Enemy
-Children of Bodom
(just kidding)
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silversun pickups

(with a new album in the can, supposedly out in July)
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I have two recommendations :

!!! (chk chk chk)


Out Hud

Check them out.
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Think About Life?
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the faint
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Wow... lots of good suggestions in here.

Phil, all of those bands are a bit on the... soft side for me.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids, definitely good stuff. Stars/Metric/Broken Social Scene never really did it for me (I got my fill of them on 102.1).

!!! and Out Hud, didn't like those at all. I'm having a lot of fun listening to various sample tracks though... however, I'm going to cockpunch whoever designed all these flash websites for these bands.

And on preview... The Faint, sound like they could be quite good live or on a properly recorded CD. Too bad their sample mp3s are 32 kbit mono. Yikes.
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the faint live (2004, wet from birth tour) was the best live show i've seen, and i've seen a TON!
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the faint live at the CMJ saddle creek records showcase a year or two ago felt and sounded very, very pre-recorded.

just sayin'...
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Oh, and to be a little more helpful, if you like The Killers, they're practically a New Order cover band. So you might want to check them out, if you're not familiar with their music. Not "indie," any more, really, but neither are the Killers.
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yeah all these bands are as obnoxious and contrived as the kids who listen to them- rich white scenesters from the suburbs. that being said you might like hellogoodbye, all american rejects, taking back sunday, brand new, say anything, my chemical romance, etc.
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Wow, thanks petsounds! Not only do I get some great recommendations, I also get a misjudgment of my character for free! Cheers!
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