Please help translate this cartoon
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I found this political cartoon about Saddam Hussein, and it is in a language I can't understand or translate. Can anyone help me with this? Link inside.
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Count me among the curious, too...
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Im not sure what the language is, but they certainly do hate jews.
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The second comic (the sharon-at-least hating one) is arabic. The first one though doesn't seem like arabic to me. Even accounting for cursive / style. I don't speak arabic but I've seen some -- both written and printed. The squiggles under that exclamation-point-lookin' character are not in arabic, though that could be the stylization.
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It seems to be stylization - I got a friend to read it, but she couldn't translate the whole thing. All I have from her is: "im al-m3aark 3la im al3uluuj."
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Keyser, why don't you write the cartoonist and ask?
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It's Farsi.
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You might try asking hoder - he runs a Persian blog.
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I saw it translated here, it says it's from Jordan so it should be arabic and it's translated as "Now what?! "Mother of all" what ??!
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