CEEMEA news sources?
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Best/accurate/easy to access sources of Central & Eastern Europe and Middle East / Africa (CEEMEA) news? Global newspapers or local? Which are best?

Beginning to research health care in emerging market countries (Central Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Middle East, Africa) but am wondering if anyone has insight into particularly good news sources, ie. ones that have a good pulse on the local sentiment but can be accessed from afar.

Right now I am reading the Economist, NYT and WSJ. Economist is at times too macro (I am specifically interested in health care issues at a a regional/local level) and I presume there is bias to NYT and WSJ, but already have subscriptions so its a sunk cost.

Would I be better off reading major Euro news papers online? If so, which are best?

Would I benefit from hunting for regional/national papers, and if so, which are are most independent from the gov?

Countries of particular interest: Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa

Thank you!
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For Egypt, try Al-Ahram, which is published weekly in English. Tends to be focused on geopolitical issues, but is fairly independent.
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Allafrica does some nice aggregation across the continent
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The World Health Organization publishes a lot of reports, bulletins, and the like about worldwide health issues.
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I browse the Budapest Business Journal for news - bbj.hu. Its main focus is (not surprisingly) Hungary, but news from other countries in Central and Eastern Europe also comes up.
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For the the Central Asian CIS states, check out EurasiaNet.
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Oops -- meant to write "for the Central Asian and Caucasian CIS states . . ."
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