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I'm looking for best practices and recommended fonts for typesetting Somali, Farsi, Tamil, Pashto and Punjabi (not sure which script yet). Do you read these languages? Can you point me in the direction of some good-looking examples? Thanks in advance!
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After I hit post, I realized I forgot to mention that I'll be working within established graphic standards, so I'm looking more for examples of clean type rather than slick design.
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I'm not a graphic designer, or speaker of any of those languages, but I know omniglot.com has links to fonts under each language description. E.g. Somali
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For what it's worth, the official orthography for Somali uses the roman alphabet — and at least here in the US, any time I see written Somali, it's in that same roman alphabet orthography, so it seems to have caught on in (at least some) expat communities as well as in Somalia itself. It's not clear to me that anyone's using any of the old Somali-specific scripts anymore.

Apologies for second-guessing you if you've got a specific need to write Somali in one of the other scripts, but I figured this might be helpful information.
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Somali was only codified as a written language around 1972, so if you are going to write in Somali it will be in the Roman alphabet.
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