Upholstery "screws"?
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Where can I find screws to temporarily attach fabric to upholstery? (Description inside)

We got tired of vacuuming cat hair from the couch, so I cut some pieces of fleece to put down where the cats like to sit. But the fleece shifts around, and I'd like to secure it somehow. I remember my mother used to use some screwlike things to keep a couch cover from shifting around, but I don't know what they're really called, and searching through upholstery supply places turned up nothing. These items had a plastic head about 3/8" diameter (possibly knurled for a better grip) with about a 5/8" twisted point coming out the bottom. They were used by gently screwing them through the covering fabric and into the fabric of the couch. Does anyone remember these things, know what they're really called, or know where I can buy a couple dozen?
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Yes, no, & no.
Wish I could help, all I can do is confirm your sanity, they did exist at one time.
Kitty Cottage calls them upholstery screws, and claims to sell them in a kit. (Sorry, don't have time to find the exact page where they sell them, but maybe it's a clue.)
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Best answer: Sometimes you can find them at a KMart/Target type store. Look over by the slipcovers. I've had some success finding them at fabric stores, usually over by the home dec stuff. Look for something called "twist pins".
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Is velcro an option? Doesn't sound like it would be, but I thought I'd throw that in there.
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They usually come with bedskirts, and it looks like they're sometimes called screw pins. This website recommends finding them at a sewing supply store (scroll down to Slipcover Stays section).
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Before you go putting holes in your couch, perhaps you might want to try something non-intrusive. I have heard of people using the stuff you put underneath a rug to keep it from sliding. It might keep the fleece in place.
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Response by poster: Thanks, jlkr, for finding the very item. I never thought to look in the fabric store (or aisle).

Mr Zero: "holes in your couch" . . . Bwaa ha ha ha! The pins won't do any more damage than the cat claws. And it's a nubby fabric, not leather.

Thanks! This is such a great place!
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I saw "Twist Pins" in the sewing section of my local Walmart a week or so ago. Over by the tape measures, needles and stuff.
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