Recommend a carpet/upholstery cleaner in Toronto.
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Can you recommend a carpet cleaning company in Toronto?

I badly need to have the carpets cleaned in my house and the landlord isn't getting on it, so I'm going to have it done myself. Can anybody suggest a Toronto-based company? What can I expect to pay to have an entrance way, a set of stairs, and a hallway (ie, not a huge space) done? The carpet in question is that lame, grey Toronto special you see in numerous rentals.

Bonus points if the company also does upholstery. Might as well get the couches done while I'm at it.
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I used Rotostatic on a super's recommendation a few years ago in Halifax, and they were great - they got out stains I figured were set and they were cheaper than steam cleaning. Not sure about upholstery. Toronto contact.
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Best answer: I just used Babayan's ( earlier this month, but it wasn't for wall-to-wall carpeting; rather, an oriental rug. I was really pleased with their service and the price.

I don't know how much it would cost for your deal, but you can call/email them to get an estimate. They do steam-cleaning of wall to wall carpets as well as upholstery, according to their website.
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