Who's making good breakcore lately?
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Who's carrything the breakcore/gabber/drill'n'bass/whatever torch these days?

On their latest albums, Kid 606 sounds like he's taken up seconal, Venetian Snares sounds jazz-operatic, and Squarepusher plays a real drum kit (somewhat poorly). I really liked all these albums, for the record, but I'm looking for some new material that would fit in with the old woofer-wreckin' days of Down With the Scene or Go Plastic.

I'm not picky about the electronica subgenre, but it's important that it be: fast, dark, noisy, new, and *beat driven*. No lollygagging ambience or prolonged pointless screeching, if possible, and no (shudder) happy hardcore.

Lots of bonus points for highlighting a strandout track or two.
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Response by poster: carrything wtf
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Any one who plays at Bang Face?
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Best answer: Iszoloscope.
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Cex, maybe Venetian Snares.
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Best answer: Ever hear Hrvatski aka Keith Fullerton Whitman? From 2000, but Swarm & Dither completely blew me away. Especially the single, vatstep dsp.

I am not too familiar with every descriptive term you used, but Hrvatski seems to fit it.
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Best answer: Scotch Egg
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A friend of mine into this sort of thing really digs Diselboy.
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Response by poster: Some good stuff. The first 10 minutes of the mix on shitmat's site include both the Fresh Prince theme and Panacea, the two major hallmarks of quality music. I like the Hrvatski mix on Down With the Scene and I'm not sure if I have anything else from the artist so I'll def. check it out, thanks.
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Response by poster: oh snap, Snow - Informer polka mix @ 13 minutes.
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Best answer: nylon sent me over here, as he apparently overestimates my hipness on this front. He's already listed many of the usual suspects (though he missed Drop the Lime and Enduser - tsk!) Bong-ra recently released his remixes of Venetian Snares' Rossz CsillagBlaBla. Woahhh boring.

Have you seen the compilations Breakcore Gives Me Wood? Those may introduce you to stuff you've not heard yet.

I'm not sure what you've already heard and tried besides the bands you listed, and I'm really not a fan of breakcore (strictly speaking), but here's stuff I like that fits your description:

Limewax. More jungle-y than breakcore, but they may be up your alley.

2006 dnb that I like - a couple of tracks off DJ Hidden's latest ("Inside Us", for one). Obsessions has been releasing some good stuff - try Corrupt Souls and Black Sun Empire. Noisia (Ramm59) isn't bad either.

If you're open to psy-trance, the Russian label Insomnia Records released a compilation called Invisible Incursion, which I find interesting (the two tracks feat. Ocelot are my faves).
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Response by poster: I really like both the lime-related artists you mentioned; I've heard a lot of Limewax in mixes but haven't had a name to connect to the sound, so thanks for that.
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You can't be serious about Squarepusher's drumming abilities. Did you listen to Iambic 9 Poetry?

That said...either of the upcoming Snares albums (Hospitality and Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms) of planet-mu should have what you're looking for. I just saw Doormouse live, and I'm not sure how closely his recordings match his performance, but he was fast, dark, spastic, absurdist, and dangeroulsy loud.

Astrobonia's 3-part series (Part 01, Part 02, and Part 03)has some nice break moments, but might be too mellow for your tastes...
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gabba.cc often has a fair sampler of exactly that sort of thing (though they have many other types of music as well).
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I don't really have my finger on the pulse of the dnb scene, but DJ Scud is pretty cool, most of his stuff sounds like it would fit the bill. I enjoy the album Jackboots and Birds (possibly under the name Rudeboy). Also, if you like Venetian Snares, I'd recommend tracking down anything by him that you don't have, there's lots of innovation in everything he's done. And give Alec Empire a chance, try The Destroyer.

Maybe some mixes help you?
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My friend aneurysm makes good, glitchy music.
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holy crap, oneirodynia -- I know ian too. he sold me my first mixer. and my first drum machine (yamaha ry-30), and my first synth (oberheim matrix 1000). I haven't seen that guy in a long time however.

Anyways, I came back to this thread because I initially was going to recommend a friend of mine who has been tuned into the noisecore scene forever (overused trivia: he was the first to put out vsnares, actually); however, when I checked his website, he hadn't put anything out for awhile.

Just today I received an invitation on myspace for his new profile (located here http://www.myspace.com/isolaterecords), and it had a number of new releases on it. You're probably going to be most interested in the stuff on his "DySleXiC REsPoNsE!?!" label, which is primarily noisecore.

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