Where to eat in Las Vegas, 2024 edition
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Happy new year, Mefites! Here's a fun q for the holiday: I'm traveling to Vegas with a small group in February. We need one, like, mid-level restaurant and one special restaurant (ideally a bit splashy and dressy, but chiefly: incredible food). What are your picks?

Money is ... sort of an object, in that I am pretty sure we have some kind of mental cap on this. But go ahead and suggest anything you like and we'll figure out the budget side ourselves. No allergies, no dietary restrictions! We're staying on the strip, no cars, but okay to rideshare or cab somewhere if needed.
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Response by poster: Oh yea also, we like everything. No cuisine off limits!
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Off-strip favorite, in the Arts District: Esther's Kitchen
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For the spendy one we went to partage. Took an Uber there for a few dollars and it’s prix fixe.
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Din Tai Fung is always fun for mid-level (there's one in the ARIA).
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e - the hidden José Andres tasting restaurant inside Jaleo in the cosmopolitan. One of the best meals of my life and I love high end food. Much better than Guy Savoy, which I also went to on the same trip.
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For the special restaurant, I have several suggestions.

è by Josè Andrès at the Cosmopolitan is my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. The cuisine is molecular gastronomy and is absolutely incredible.

Bazaar Meat (also a Josè Andrès restaurant) at the Sahara is my favorite steakhouse in Las Vegas. The suckling pig is worth the trip there by itself. Depending on your group size, you can get a quarter or whole pig. The whole pig requires 24 hour advance notice.

For Chinese, Genting Palace at Resorts World is outstanding. Their peking duck is the best I've ever had, though be aware that it's a whole duck and is a lot of food.

Off srip, there are many good omakase or kaiseki Japanese restaurants. Kabuto, Yui Edomae and Kaiseki Yuzu are all quite good.
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Are you looking at the strip or off strip?

We love Milos in the Venetian. It's delicious, super fresh. Some of the best food we've eaten in Vegas I think. If you go you really should get the Milos Special, it's think eggplant and zucchini, lightly breaded and fried over this amazing garlicky sauce. They have a bunch of daily fish specials that were just in that day, last time we spent our meal watching two spiny lobsters escaping their place in the ice to give you an idea.

Off-strip for more one of the best value sushi spots check out Sen of Japan. It's the sushi chef who opened Nobu, but a much less expensive/formal spot. The food hits way above what you pay though, and a very solid spot to check out.
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Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast casino for dim sum (carts).

+1 for Partage; just went in a group of 5 (family) for Xmas Eve.

Have gotten a recommendation for Raku Grill for Japanese, away from the strip, but haven’t been — can be hard to get reservation.
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Momofuku is incredible. They do "feed me" menus at a couple of different price points so hopefully you can find something within your splurge budget.
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For fancy and splashy I'd do 20,000 leagues under the sea.
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For mid level, Lotus of Siam, specializes in northern Thai food. Way off strip, and delicious!
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This may be a way-too-basic suggestion, but you'll struggle to find better pizza in Las Vegas than Pizza Rock just off of the Fremont St Experience. There's also stellar brisket fried rice at 8 East at Circa, on the other end of Fremont St.
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Seconding Lotus of Siam! It was so worth the off strip visit and please get the crispy shrimp!
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+1 on e, bazaar meat, and hell yes to lotus of siam.

roy choi’s best friend is also scrumptious, bacchanal if a buffet is the vibe
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