Need help with Seattle roofing codes/permits/etc.
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Help me with re-roofing my Seattle Garage - permits, codes, etc.

I am going to be selling my house (In Seattle) in about 2 months. The detatched garage has to have the roof replaced. It is an old cedar shingle roof, and it already has 2 layers, so I know those will have to come off and we will have to put down a new backing and new shingles. Do I need to get a permit for this? Where can I find info on the building codes, so i can make sure that it is done right? I will have people to help me, and one of them has done some roofing, but I need to make sure everything is done correctly so that there aren't any problems when it is time to sell the house.
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Seattle building codes pdf. Seriously, it took a .00001 second Google search.
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I can't speak spcifically about building practices in Seattle but roof replacement is not typically something which requires a permit. IF done in kind. The biggest exception will be if you are changing the roof material and flamibility or historic issues apply. Call your local building department for more information. And here's the building code. Finding it took more than .00001 second.
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