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Ok, so I'm an Anthropology major ,and I decided taking a course called Quantification of Archaeological Data would be a good idea...

...well, not such a great idea, as I'm awful at math, and I have my final report due Monday and I'm very lost in a late stage of the assignment. Basically, I've done pivot tables based on the analysis of stone tools, and I've made graphs comparing certain nomincal, ordinal, and ratio scale variables based on my data. Now, I have to do basic chi-square, t-test, and pearsons tests to the data in excel. Its here that Im quite lost as to where to even start. Apparently its not too hard, but I'm kind of panicing, I'm exhausted from other work, and this is already overdue...if anyone thinks they can help, please let me know. If asking for help on an assignment is against the rules here (which I understand it may be), please delete this question.
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You have an add-in that came with excel, called the Analysis Tool-Pak. If you understand how to do ANOVA and the various tests, all you have to do is select your data, check off the options you want, maybe enter your C.I. or whatever, and get your results in the worksheet or tab.
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Just remember, chi squares are for relationships between nominal and ordinal variables. ANOVA and T-tests are great for one categorical and one continuous variable, and Pearson's R examines relationships between continuous variables. Use the right tests for the right kinds of variables and you'll be fine. This is a good resource. Also, when thinking about relationships between variables, be sure to have a theoretical reason why those variables should share a relationship. And, lastly, and most importantly, make a pact with yourself to never again leave a huge assignment for the day before it is due.
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