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My wife's B-day is coming up on the 15th.
She wants a nice digital camera.
Since I am always stuck on the fact I have to purchase her a nice B-day gift, followed immediately by purchasing her an even nicer Christmas gift, I am asking your advice about digital cameras that won't be more than the $500 range.

She wants a good quality one. But she also wants a smaller one that fits into her purse. I am going to go check out some buyer guides, but I thought I might ask people's advice on a good one to make her happy.
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There are a couple existing threads about what digital camera to buy, check out the current archives link on the bottom of the main ask metafilter page.
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Thanks for pointing it out.

I didn't realize there were archives already or a search function.

Guess it will take a bit to work the kinks out, but the idea is great.
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I officiate at weddings, and the digicam that ladies like to pull out of their slim bags is the ultra thin Casio Exilim. There is a 3MP model that comes in various colors and takes nice pictures.
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Yep. Agreed. The ladies in Tokyo love the Exilim.
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My GF has the Digital Elph (2 megapix version, but she'd probably get the 3 mp version today). It is very small, has a pretty good UI, and takes fantastic indoor smilng-girls-at-the-bar pictures, which is about 50% of her photographs (ok, some of those include men as well). Hers always come out great, and my Nikon Coolpix 2500 pics come out blurry.

Just an anecdote, but hopefully useful.
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i'd go with a used canon digital elf off ebay. If you want reviews this is the best site i've seen
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Three cameras in (one theft replacement, one upgrade) I don't think you can go wrong with Sony, so long as you stick with a model that has a rechargeable battery. There are some nice, small ones. But personally, I just started carrying a slightly larger purse.
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Ditto NGnerd's recco of dpreview; Ditto reccos of the digital elph, which is very nice all around. It's got a good lens that produces sharper pictures than some other micro-cameras that capture more pixels.
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