Looking for a place that rents digital cameras.
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Hello all, I am having trouble find a place that rents out digital cameras. I am looking to either rent a Nikon D50, D70, or D100 or possibly, a Canon Digital Rebel XT. (Renting time-frame, 2-3 days.) I am wondering if anyone had any experience with renting high-end digital cams such as these and which place I should trust. I called up a couple of places where I live (Boston, MASS) and none of them offered this.
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I would use EP Levine.
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You could be an unethical jerk and buy one from Wolf Camera / Ritz / Local Equivalent, then return it as "unsatisfactory." I'm not saying it's the best answer, but it would work.
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Try Calumet Photo. They have a store in Cambridge which shouldn't be too far from you. Most pro places will work with you through Fed-ex so it really isn't necessary to be in the city. Prices aren't cheap but it's the industry standard. In the past I have rented from Helix Photo when they had a store in Milwaukee and was very happy with them. Their Chicago store rents lots of different stuff and they are very good.
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If you, or a close relative, are in college, you might try borrowing one from the college. My college has a "media center" in the library that allows students to borrow digital cameras, tape recorders, video cameras, and the like.
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In Boston, you're pretty much talking about either EP Levine or Calumet both of which offer high end equipment for rental.

The problem is that the cameras you mentioned (D50, D70, D100 and Rebel XT) are not exactly high end professional cameras.
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