Do you have an analog wall clock that doesn't tick tick tick at you?
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Pretty much what it says on the tin. I want an analog wall clock for my room but I don't want to feel like I'm going to sleep in the clock shop every night. Battery operated is best but not necessary. Thanks!!!
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"Sweep movement" is the search term for this.
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This wall clock from Ikea is completely silent and looks nice. I have one in my kitchen.

Many of the other Ikea clocks say they are silent as well. (If you click on "Product Details" it says "silent quartz movement", which I trust because mine really is silent.)
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I don't know how much you want to spend, but I've had this clock in my kitchen for many years and it's silent, stays accurate, and is made from beautiful wood instead of plastic. Amazon has something similar from the same designer for less than half the price. Hmm, on preview the description says it "ticks" but mine sweeps silently...
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These are expensive, but can you really put a price on feeling like you're going to sleep in a Swiss train station?

If for some inexplicable reason that's not a priority, this guy is the wall clock of (a few years into) the future, today.

(If you've been so beaten down by the cruelties of the world that neither railway vibes nor the next level in atomic timekeeping bring you any joy, LaCrosse also has many other models.)
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Here's another source for the Riki wall clock that agrees it is, indeed, silent.
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I treated myself to a Kit-Kat Clock (the cat one with the swinging tail and moving eyes) and it is super silent. Probably not what you’re looking for but I really love mine lol!
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You can get a battery operated clockwork at any craft store/ online and make anything a clock. They are silent.
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If you're looking on the low end, this Geekclick clock has served me fine for a couple of years (my priorities were silence, easily readable numbers, and decent functionality; that I think rose gold looks cool was a bonus, but it comes in normal colors too).
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I bought this a month ago - completely silent.
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Yes to “silent sweep” but keep in mind! If you are super super sensitive you can sometimes hear a slight noise like a woosh or hum or small gears turning or very minor tick. I can hear it on all my clocks that are “silent” from new to my vintage 80s one. But only if it’s quiet in the room and I focus. It does not bother me because any amount of noise at all (like a fan) drowns it out. If it’s far enough away I also cannot hear it.
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