Can you suggest a stylish alarm clock under $40?
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I have an old alarm clock. And I replaced it before for the problem that I have. Sometimes it decides that it isn't going to go off. Now I have tested this awake and it isn't just me hitting off or anything like that. So the alarm was replaced before, but then its replacement got broken in a move and I went back to the old one. This morning it decided to not work. I want to get a new alarm, but I want something that looks good. Not just a standard hotel alarm or anything like that. I remember places like Service Merchandise used to carry all kinds of alarms, but unfortunately they are out of business here. Any suggestion on a store to go to and/or websites that have better looking alarms? Its hard to describe what I want because I haven't really looked for anything. Oh yeah, I want to spend max $40 on the alarm.
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I use a little travel alarm (like this one) in addition to my clock radio one...Got it for $10, and works like a charm. You just have to watch it for the battery running low. (You can hide it too, bec. it's so small, if you don't like the looks of it.) Target should have cute ones also.
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Seconds on Target. I think the real secret here is to have two alarms though.
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yeah, i was just at Target last night and they had some cool looking alarms. I also know places that sell phones have cordless phones that have clock/radio/alarms built in.
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I get little clock radios from Zellers (Canadian version of Wal-Mart). They cost under ten dollars and they last well. I've had two in the past 12 years and the first one only died because it got dropped when I was moving.
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Thebwit, I used to have that problem with my alarm clock(s), but I discovered that on certain models, after you set the alarm time, you have to switch it to "alarm off" position before switching to alarm on. You can't jsut go from alarm-set to alarm-on. If that helps.
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Previous MeFi alarm clock suggestions.
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Response by poster: Ok, I think I need to clarify as a lot of people are just mentioning cheap small ones. The problem is that the alarm clock sits out and I want it to sit out and be displayed. So it needs to be both functional and look good.
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