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Who knew finding a tabletop alarm clock would be so hard?

Frivolous question, but something I haven't been able to find myself despite significant research. Maybe y'all can help? I'm looking for a stylish tabletop alarm clock, one that lives somewhere between modern and classic. I've looked at all the obvious places: Crate and Barrel, Pier One, Macys, Target, Ikea, Restoration Hardware, Overstock.com, SmartBargains.com, Pottery Barn, several home design sites...and nothin'. Most of what they have are your regular few-buck faux metal clock radios, or - on the other end - gaudy cut crystal clocks better suited for wedding gifts. What I really want is THIS. But not for $176, but that's very much along the lines of what I want.

And please don't suggest I try to make something like this myself. I am not that handy. In fact, I am the opposite of handy. I am un-handy.

Suggestions? Help me wake up in style!
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Something similar for 85 bucks.

Here it is at the MoMA store.

This article might be helpful.
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Response by poster: Thanks Lori - that's a little too on the industrial side for me. I like the mix of the natural wood and the digital numbers - the classic/modern mix. I'm gonna check out that article right now, though!
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I've always liked those older alarm clocks with the numbers that flip. If budget is a real concern and you aren't married to the wooden clock idea try checking out some thrift stores for an interesting clock. It won't be what you're looking for but it you should be able to find something unusual.
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Response by poster: I like those flipping clocks too - it'd be great to find one of those.
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You can find those flip clocks by searching for vintage flip alarm clock on eBay.
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Any of the ones at the MOMA Design Store strike your fancy?

Or these?
Zen alarm clock
Another wood alarm clock
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Response by poster: ooo, I love that wood one - thanks!
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Response by poster: dobbs, thanks so much! you guys are great!
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I dislike anything near my bed that makes clicking or humming or ticking sounds. I bought this last month and love it. Great design and it's quiet. Might be out of your price range though.
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Response by poster: zenpop, that might be the one. love it.
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You could try the Tivoli Audio Model Three with the blonde wood veneer. There are plenty on ebay for about $100, and as a bonus you get the best radio you've ever had.
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My girlfriend bought a magazine (Readymade, maybe? I don't think she reads Make...) within the last six months that had instructions to make your own MOMA-style wooden LED cloh shoot, you said no DIY. Well, maybe this'll help someone else later...
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Love the moonbeam clock, which comes in several colors, and wakes you with lights, then alarm. That Tivoli is lovely, and having an excellent radio would be good.
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theora55 you beat me to it!
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Response by poster: love the moonbeam clock!
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