Games for the iPad without in app purchases
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I'm looking for games for the 5-10 age range on the iPad that you just pay for once when you purchase it and does not have in-app purchases.

Pokemon or SimCity-like games would be great, but open to anything. Does not have to be educational, but no tracking please. If it can be played without internet access, that would be ideal. That's it - what do you recommend?
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Everything in Apple Arcade does not have any IAPs or ads.
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"2 Player Games" and "1 2 3 4 Player Games" from Moreno Maio I think fit the spirit of what you are looking for - free to download and then there's a single in-app purchase of a few bucks to remove the ads. My son likes playing against the computer, and then when he's feeling like he's gotten good he'll ask family members to play against him. They all work when offline as well.
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Seconding Back At It Again At Krispy Kreme- Apple Arcade. The games are generally great, it works offline and you can share the service with others.

I have it as part of a family package.
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My kid likes thinkrolls, which I think you can play a few levels for free and then buy the rest one time.
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