Maryland blue crab in DC
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Searching for good places to get Maryland blue crab in DC within Metro range of George Washington University Hospital. Bonus points for family style: picnic tables, cheap beer, smashy wooden hammers. Does such a place exist and do you love it? Please share! Thanks!
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Not in the city but metro accessible in Bethesda
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Best answer: Quarterdeck in Arlington seems to fit the bill. You can also get your own steamed crabs to go at the seafood market on the north side of the wharf.
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Captain Pell's in Fairfax. You could Lyft over there from the Fairfax/Vienna Metro station.
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Best answer: Grew up in Maryland. I was there in 2016 and Quarterdeck definitely has a neighborhood feel and excellent crab, though I don't know about cheap beer. A 2017 Google photo says they were charging $5 for a Budweiser. The transit directions say that it's a 21 minute walk from the Metro, and that area is moderately hilly, certainly much more so than the swamp infill that is D.C. (the current incarnation). The other places I would recommend are to go only. For reasons of efficiency take-out crab is the rule, Maryland blues take forever to eat and they're already steamed so keeping them steaming in the bag hurts the quality not at all.
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Ruff & Ready Crabhouse has the experience you’re looking for, but isn’t that close in Hyattsville. Ernie’s crab house in Brentwood is closer but is carry out only IIRC.

If you find yourselves further north in Maryland (read: not close at all) we have enjoyed Anne Arundel Seafood in Pasadena, and indoctrinated some new family members in The Way of The Blue Crab at LP Steamers in Locust Point (Baltimore) in late December (off season but still very respectable)

Hope you find a delicious solution for that location!
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Best answer: Definitely Quarterdeck
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Best answer: Would like to nth the Quarterdeck and it definitely has delicious crab and very smashy hammers.
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Response by poster: Quarterdeck with confirmed smashy hammers FTW! Thank you all!
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