Sending a WebCam to Australia
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To those Australian Mefites, a question: I want to send a friend of mine who lives in Brisbane a webcam. To send it from Canada is not only costly but very time consuming. Could anybody suggest some ideas regarding ordering it online from an Australian company and having them send it?
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Are you sure it's so costly?

The cost for mailing a 6" x 6" x 6" box @ 2 lbs is only $10.

Otherwise I don't see why you can't just order it online and have them send it to an alternate destination than the credit card holder. While not all places support that, some do. Ordering internationally generally hasn't been a problem for me.
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what shepd said
get your iSight from the Apple Store Australia (even Matt recommends it)
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Are you also worried about import duties and whatnot? That's always my concern when sending gifts internationally; I hate to have the recipient pay to get a gift from me.

I don't know if ordering from a localized site mitigates that or not.
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Australia has fairly high import duties and taxes, so be wary of sending goods here or your gift may end up costing the receiver a lot of money. What brand/model of webcam are you planning to send - I can find out where it can be sourced locally and let you know.
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shepd, the focus is more on time than cost. I sent my friend something over two months ago and it still hasn't reached her.

dg, thank you. It seems to be the way of things that when a question is asked, the answer comes from an unlikely source. In this case it was my wife who, after some lengthy attempts herself to find an Australian vendor, found some sort of virtual mall and purchased it there. That said, she had some problems and it may not have worked. Ultimately, I'm looking for a middle of the road webcam, somewhere in the $50 to $150 range, for a laptop pc. The brand matters not.

Also, bradlands, thanks for the heads up on import duties. I had no idea. It's something to be aware of.
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ashbury: a good online place to order PC parts is
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Harris Technology (the link above) are well known here and reputable. You can also try iTech or On-line Marketing Australia or

The problem you may run into is the issue of suppliers not shipping to other than the billing address of the credit card. If you are unable to purchase the item on-line, I am sure we could work out something where you pass over the money, I purchase it and post it to your friend, which may require more trust than you are prepared to give.

If you are carrying out a search specific to Australia, try Google Australia and choose the "pages from Australia" option.
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