Songs About Autism?
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Anybody know some good songs about autism, other than 'Transformer Man?' (Inspired by this question in the Neil Young 'Living With War' thread.)
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Also, other than Andrew Bird-- 'Tea and Thorazine.'
posted by Fuzzy Monster at 3:38 PM on April 28, 2006

with a lil' google-fu, i found: Dream Theatre, Solitary Shell
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(though apparently whether it's actually about autism is a matter of debate, as is Pearl Jam's "Daughter".)
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the smashing pumpkins' song "space boy" is supposed to be about billy corgan's autistic brother.
posted by clarahamster at 12:46 AM on April 29, 2006

Hmm, I thought that Transformer Man was about Cerebral palsy (which is what Neil Young's sons have), not autism... (see for example (under experimental years))
posted by rpn at 2:17 AM on April 29, 2006

Wow-- I was all kinds of wrong yesterday.

Thanks for setting me straight, rpn. You are absolutely right.

I was confused by The Bridge School, which Neil founded (right?) I was under the mistaken impression that the school was only for autistic children... but it's not.

Thanks to those who posted songs, though.
*slinks off shamefacedly to re-read 'Shakey,' the Neil Young Biography*
posted by Fuzzy Monster at 4:07 AM on April 29, 2006

p.s.: Anyone got any more songs about Cerebral Palsy?
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Garth Brook's Standing Outside the Fire covers the topic, I believe.
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