Interesting Las Vegas neighborhoods?
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Are there any interesting neighborhoods, off the Strip, to explore in Las Vegas? I'm thinking arty shops, interesting cafes, etc.

My husband is attending a conference in Las Vegas, and I'm going along just for the vacation. I love to wander around in interesting areas of cities, but I haven't found anything online about trendy (hip, whatever) neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Are there any? Alternatively, what might be fun to do that's not touristy?
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There used to be a nice scene on Maryland Pkwy near UNLV, but that's since disappeared. You might find the stray coffeeshop here or there now.

Last time I visited, a friend showed me to the Art Bar, located in the putative "art district." As Las Vegas goes, it's not bad.

Two of the links are to the Las Vegas Weekly, which is probably the preferred indie rag in town if you're looking for stuff to do.
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Watching this thread, cause I, too, am going to a conference in L.V. in mid-June.

I do know to avoid the Three-Card-Monte fellas!
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Go to Lotus of Siam for what some believe is the best Thai food in the country. More recc's found in this thread.
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Kinda depends what you are after. Over on the west side of town, you'll find plenty of shopping. More info here, but you might enjoy Boca Park (Intersection of Rampart and Charleston). Lots of shops from little boutiques on up to a huge Target. While you're there, I recommend eating at Kona Grill. Other good places to eat on the West side include Grape Street Cafe, Osaka Sushi, Sushi-Ko, and Marc's Restaurant. More dining suggestions and reviews at

Frankly as far as cafes go, the best coffee I had in Vegas involved that ubiquitous green awning.

Oh, and don't forget that Las Vegas actually has a Chinatown!

Be aware that when you see a sign in a store/restaurant window reading Best of Las Vegas, there are editor's choices, and reader's choices. Reader's choice picks -- as far as restaurants go -- tend towards "lots of food for cheap." If that's your goal, great.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. This is great and keep it coming. I already had Lotus of Siam on my restaurant list, along with a restaurant from Chowhound called Rosemary's. I explored the Las Vegas Weekly web site and found an article about an interesting used book store called Book Magician up near the Premium Outlets Mall. And, heaven help me, I just have to stop in at M&M World, so I might as well check out the Showcase Mall. I'm also a resale store junkie and found a Buffalo Exchange at Flamingo and Maryland. Too bad the scene there has all but disappeared.
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Trendy but not touristy? Hmmm. A bit of a stumper in this town.

I hear interesting things from locals as well as tourists about Beauty Bar - it's downtown.

The District has posh shops and a nice little sidewalk cafe atmosphere. People hang out with their dogs, have a nice sandwich, listen to live music, and stare into the Pottery Barn windows. There are a few boutiques - surely as many as Boca Park, which is dominated by the aforementioned Target, a Petland, a Lamps Plus, etc etc.

Second Lotus of Siam. There is also a decent used book store at Desert Inn and Eastern called Albion Books - lots of cool old sci-fi paperbacks with half-nekkid women fighting moon monsters, anyway.

I think most of the interesting little scene places are stand-alones and not part of any walkable neighbourhood, alas. (Lotus of Siam being a great example - don't wander away after dark.) Honestly, many cool locals crawl the Strip just as much as the tourists do. :)
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Something that I've always liked is the Gaudi Bar at the Sunset Station in Henderson. It's a tacky casino bar but it's based roughly on the art and architecture of Antoni Gaudi, the Catalan architect that designed such cool buildings as the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo. It's a pretty cheesy bar and probably less authentic than the Canals of Venice at that casino on the Strip. Still, it's Gaudi in Nevada. You can see a slightly blurry pic I took of the bar here.
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