Compact treadmill with a good incline?
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Ideally, I'd like a treadmill to be max 66" long when in the down position. Ceilings are low (but I'm short), but I'd still love a treadmill with a great incline. As high as I can tolerate it without hitting my head.

My work schedule has gotten long and tiring, and I feel pretty confident that having a home treadmill will keep me a bit more active when I don't feel like going to the gym. Oddly, I'm pretty good at going for runs in the early morning on weekdays, but on weekends I tend to hermit.

I don't care for bells and whistles, but compact + solid + incline are more important. Price... ideally no more than 1k.

I feel overwhelmed with the options out there, and it's hard to weed out what may be red flags on Amazon (even when using fakespot). If you have any experience with this, I'd appreciate any suggestions and recommendations!
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Totally was overwhelmed by the choices myself when at the beginning of Covid I decided to get my own treadmill instead of going to the gym. A trainer recommended I look into SOLE treadmills, since it's very low maintenance. I got one and use it at least 3 days a week. its incline goes to 15 and it's been such a solid investment. I think the no-frills one here is the one I got. $1199 is the current price.
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I went and measured my entry-level Horizon treadmill and it is too long for your request. It also adds nine inches from the floor at 12% incline. Much smaller than mine and you are into "walking treadmills" which have an under-powered motor for running.

Are you ok with a product that only allows for a brisk walk at incline or are you intending to jog? If jogging, how long/far? The guidance I found when looking was that under 3hp of a motor would burn out quickly if you jog for more than 20 minutes or so per day.
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