Pinkpop 2006 experiences?
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Planning on going to Pinkpop in The Netherlands. Any experiences?

I'm planning on going to Pinkpop 2006. Never been, looking for what to expect, camping tips, general suggestions on how to have the best time.

I don't speak a word of dutch, but I'm going with a friend who does (but he hasn't been before either). I live in Boston and will probably fly be flying in/out of Amsterdam (where my friend lives).

Thanks much!
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I've never been to Pinkpop, but from my experience with the Dutch *EVERYBODY* speaks english, including bus drivers, retail employees and just people walking down the street. Prepare a little in advance, maybe get a guidebook that will have a few phrases so you understand the signs you may encounter. Otherwise, outside of the UK/Ireland and maybe Denmark, I can't think of another country where it's as easy to get around with just english.
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My friends are playing there (Danko Jones). Check 'em out!

And, I suggest you pose this exact question in the gig section on the Danko Jones fan board. They've got numerous fans there that go to the show annually who I'm sure would give you some great advice and give you a warm welcome.
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I went to Pukkelpop in Belgium last year, and it was great. I know that's not much help to you.. but there you are. If you're used to European festivals (overpriced food and booze, camping, dodgy weather, great crowds and great music), you'll know what to expect.

If not.. my top tip is to take a sponge mat to lie on when you're in your sleeping bag. And some earplugs. Makes a big, big difference.
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Ah, festival time!

Tips: Don't put your tent in a ditch or any lowlying area. They might appear dry, but will not be after rain.
Don't think that the bottom of your sleeping bag is a good place to store your credit cards.
Soft drugs are ok, but other (e, coke, speed etc.) will get you thrown off the festival into police custody.
And no matter how tempting, binge drinking in the afternoon is not the best way to enjoy a festival.

Have fun!
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I have been to Pinkpop 5 times and this year I am going only on the Monday. I agree with what Ascullion and Sebas have said. If you want to know more details please feel free to drop me an email. My English is not so well and that is a big thing on MetaFilter so I rather not make this a very long story on here, but I love to tell you my experiences.
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Did you have a good time? I so loved it!! The Peppers were great!
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