Pool pump problem
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Help me troubleshoot the pump for my in-ground pool before I pay an electrician!

The Magnetek pump for my in-ground pool stopped working yesterday. When I flip the switch in the Intermatic timer box thingy, I get nothing. No humming, whirring..and definitely no pumping. (The electromechanical timers are not getting power either). I checked the main circuitbreakers and everything is cool there. All the wires appear to be connected and otherwise look normal. Is there typically another switch/breaker somewhere in a pool pump set up? Any other ideas?
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Is the system on a GFI curcuit? and have you checked the GFI reset if so?
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Do you have a volt meter? If you do, disconnect the wiring from the pump, or unplug the pump from the outlet, and see if there is any voltage on the line.
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um, call an electrician! While I generally think it's worth it to go for a do it yourself solution if possible, in-ground pool pumps aren't something I would dare mess with. Consider the pastor who was killed fairly recently when the insulation in the baptism pool failed and an electrical short developed (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4394722.stm). When you're dealing with electrical devices designed to be used underwater, it's not worth risking your life; get a qualified specialist to check it out.
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To elaborate on plumberonkarst's answer - if a GFI outlet trips, it can cut off everything on the same circuit, and the breaker won't trip. Several non-GFI outlets in my house quit working, and it took me quite a while to figure that out and find the one GFI outlet they were connected to.
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