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I play wordle, the nyt mini, and the daily set every day on my phone. I love that there's only one game available per day each and that I can easily complete each game by myself in under 5 minutes. I also like that they're browser based. What other daily word games or puzzles are available for me to play alone on my phone browser?

I'm not as big a fan of spelling bee (it used to be more fun, but it is too slow for me now) or of games like sudoko or kenken. I also am not generally keen on crosswords, mostly because they take too long. I am willing to pay for quality as long as I don't have to download an app to play.
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Cell Tower? There was an FPP about it on the Blue, which is where I discovered it. It might be slow-going at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too slow. Also, have you tried the various multi-ordles? There's dordle (wordle x 2), quordle (wordle x 4), octordle (wordle x 8), and duotrigordle (wordle x 32).
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Best answer: Guess My Word
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Not quite what you asked for, but Hello Wordle is a Wordle clone with unlimited games per day.
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Best answer: I’m enjoying the telegraph’s plusword (Like wordle, the rest of that newspaper is paywalls but not this game) which is a 5x5 crossword grid that gives you a set of wordle clues.

I’m totally addicted to quordle as mentioned above, it does become much more than a gimmick/challenge.

Framed is not a word game as such but is another daily guessing/clue-revealing game based on film stills.
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Best answer: Semantle and Redactle are both great 'guess the word' games.
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Seconding Redactle. It takes one of the top 10k Wikipedia entries and redacts all words besides prepositions and a few other very short words. You then guess words until you can figure out the subject of the article.
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Best answer: Recent Front Page Post points to several. I enjoy Framed, Globle, Tradle, and Artle - are you interested in trivia-type guessing games too, or just in word puzzles?
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My routine is:
Worldle - guess the country based on the silhouette. Gives you distance clues.
Wordle - the classic.
Nerdle - numbers and maths.
Duotrigordle (32 Wordle boards, 37 guesses)
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Response by poster: Brainwane, sorry I missed that FPP when it was posted, it's great!

I think I like word puzzles best. I don't know much trivia, which is another reason standard crosswords don't do it for me - I get too frustrated about my lack of esoteric knowledge.
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Best answer: 7 Little Words
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Best answer: I only do the spelling bee when it is less than 80 points to get genius. It makes it a lot more bearable.

My daily is:
Worldle (geography, not words)
Framed (movie pictures, not words)
Heardle (songs, not words)
Spelling Bee (if less than 80 points, if more I usually just get the pangram and walk away)
NYT Crossword

Maybe keep trying to get into the crossword if you're already paying for NYT Games? Monday usually isn't too trivia-laden and once you get used to it, it will probably only take 10-15 minutes.
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I’d like to put Knotwords out there. It’s an iPhone app with a daily puzzle that’s something like a combination of crossword and Sudoku. Their daily mini puzzle takes me less than 2 minutes. It’s the only puzzle (other than Wordle) that I’ve ever gotten into a daily habit with!
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OP, what is "the daily set"? Set of what?
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Response by poster: The daily set puzzle! It is a pattern matching game, not a word game.
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of Semantle but it's not as quick as many of the other ones. I find Redactle impossible. I also love daily set. Here is a list of 76 other games that are similar. I like Heardle which is pop song snippets. Also an older game but still pretty fun is Guess My Word where you guess a word and it tells you if it's alphabetically before or after the target word.
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My son hooked me on Squaredle (which is not the same as squardle, mentioned above, which I also play daily) - it's not a word guessing game, it's a word search, which can be incredibly difficult sometimes, but also incredibly satisfying.
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Best answer: I've been enjoying Weaver, where you turn a starting word into a goal word one letter at a time. Besides that I only do the various Long Wordles (I don't think anyone has mentioned Sedecordle but that's where I top out). Non-word variations don't scratch the itch for me, but Weaver does.
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Apart from squardle (which is initially hard, but then just fun), I enjoy wordiest (Google play store link because I guess there are multiple games with that name?)

The main good thing about wordiest is that it's super quick.
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Best answer: Have you tried Letter Boxed from NYTimes? It's tough; I go through ups and downs of liking it. But it's quick, and if I'm not in the mood I can abandon it quickly.
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Check out Absurdle, which was featured in an FPP : it's "like Wordle but it hates you."
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I like Phrazle, which is like Wordle but with common phrases.
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I sampled a lot of the inspired-by clones, but the only one that really stuck was Arkadium's Hurdle. It's like regular Wordle but with five rounds -- the answer to each is your default first guess for the next round (forcing you to use new strategies instead of sticking with your favorite opener), and then in the last round the answers from the previous rounds become your first four guesses, leaving only two chances to figure out the final word.
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Best answer: I'm a fan of daily SET's wordier sibling, daily Quiddler.
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Man so much respect to all of you who can play Semantle. My step-sister and my brother play, but it is way out of my league.

I like Secordle. It's Wordle but you're trying to guess 16 words and you have 21 tries. Your guesses apply to all the words.
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Wordshake :)

It's like Boggle and the NYT mini with a little Spelling Bee. Has a live game too.
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