Simple, fun, online two-player games?
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Can you recommend some simple, fun, online two-player games suitable for two people chatting over a webcam?

Long-distance relationship here. When apart we like to use Skype and play games together online, and I'm wondering what else is out there.

We're big fans of Scrabble and Scramble on Facebook, so suggestions of any other Facebook games that let us play together/against simultaneously (or back-and-forth like Scrabble) would be welcome. Word games and crosswords are particularly welcome.

We've also enjoyed No Puzzle Pirates or MMORPGs, please.
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Best answer: My wife and I enjoy Quadradius from time to time, which I found via metafilter a while back.
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Best answer: You can play blokus online. Great game.
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I came to recommend Quadradius... I stay to suggest Gpokr. It's a really easy way to play poker online, and they let you reload your fake money every ten minutes if you happen to run out.
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You have to make sure you get on the right server and room to play one another, but this game is hilarious. It is timed and you do your best in the pictionary setting. There are usually others in the room that can be a pain, but it is an awesome game. :)
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Best answer: Bontago is one of the strangest, yet one of the most amazing game I've ever played.
Both (up to 8) players start on a round map. The goal is to expand your territory to the opponent's flag.
To increase your territory, you need to build towers with blocks you are provided. The taller the tower, the larger its influence range.
Keep building towers, aiming for your opponent's flag.
Collect powerups. The anvil will tilt the board and cause large towers to fall. Bombs will explode on contact. The cancer block will destroy other blocks on contact.
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Best answer: These are all great! Bontago reminds me that we enjoy games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, which made me seek out online versions, and Online Carcassonne looks promising.
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Anagrammatic is awesome.
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This is a pretty good online Scrabble site.
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There used to be/is (?) a cool 2-player game on MSN chat called Solitaire Showdown... you could run your webcam at the same time.
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I'd like to second my own suggestion of Solitaire Showdown 'cause I keep fantasizing about how fun/competitive it is.
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Go. Play at KGS.
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Now that sonic meat has mentioned Go, I must point-out that chess is quite a popular game. It can be played on the free internet chess server.
posted by paulg at 6:37 PM on February 4, 2009 has a bunch of in-browser java games for pool/scrabble/etc that are great.
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It's a classic, and not for everyone, but what about chess?
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(or what paulg said)
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Sudoku Combat is a blast. Two opponents receive identical sudoku boards and race to finish the grid first. Sadly, the game won't let you choose your opponent. The good news is that you're on the other side of the world from the target audience (YouPlay is an Australian site) and the game is usually pretty quiet during North American waking hours.

SC/Combat Sudoku has been through a few iterations and owners; one of the people not very happy with what YouPlay has done to the game set up Sudoku Shootout as an alternative. It never really took off (I guess the guy had some initial trouble making it work right) so there's never anybody playing there, but it seems to work just fine and allows you to choose your opponent. The two of you could pretty much have it to yourselves, I guess.
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what, no backgammon?
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Best answer: I learned about Globulos from the blue and it is a lot of fun. Plus, if you are playing against each other you don't have to worry about people randomly quitting mid-game.
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