Tips for Un-dislocating a rib?
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I’ve dislocated three ribs. Usually I see someone who does body work who puts them back into place for me, but he has covid. You are not my doctor or my PT but maybe you have some relevant experience? I absolutely will not do anything that seems like it will further injure me, and I’ve got a pretty good sense of that. So please! If you have gotten your ribs or someone else’s ribs back in place please share how?
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I like that you’re asking for rib tips…

Can you just ask this person who usually does it for home instructions?
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Youtube has some videos about how to pop your rib back in place. I'd read through the comments to see if it worked for people or not. I watched one that had some stretching exercise from a massage therapist. It looked professional and non-scary.
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My PT put my rib back in place by pushing a certain spot near my spine and having me turn. After that, I got one of these big plastic s-shaped massage tools and levered it to push the spot myself. It works okay (for ribs on the back).
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I did not know ribs could be dislocated. Heading down the rabbit hole…

Fascinating. Hope you get some answers, but agree maybe your body work person could give you ideas even though he has COVID. Good luck!
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Best answer: My partner is a massage therapist who teaches anatomy. Without knowing which rib, she says use pressure plus your breath to put it where it's supposed to go. Find the rib with your hand and put pressure on it, then breathe deeply. You will be able to feel the direction of the rib and let the movement of your breath guide pushing it into place.
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My first choice would be chiropractor, as the ribs are connected to the spine, and I've had this done before. I usually see a massage therapist first, to relax the muscles and be prepped for a smooth adjustment, but you could also choose to do other relaxation techniques prior to an appointment, such as an Epsom salt bath or hot tub treatment. IANYD
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I have a rib that constantly pops out and I get it moved back into place by a chiropractor. I would seek out a chiropractor for this.
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