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Help! I need a name for my new store.

I'm opening an accessories shop in a resort town and am running into problems naming the joint. The store will carry a variety of jewelry, watches, sunglasses, handbags, ipod accessories, etc, and cater to both men and women. I'd like to keep the name short and witty, but am having trouble coming up with ideas that are (a) not too cheezy and (b) equally appealing to both male and female customers (though when it comes down to the wire, I'm most concerned about the gals).
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I like your username. Use that.
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Hmm.. what resort town? Kind of makes a difference?/ What is the address?? Number? You dont have to share but I think that address names are memorable and help find the place- and refind next season....
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Stuff and Things
Urban Utilities
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"All the stuff you forgot at home"
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TODO (as in the Spanish for "everything")
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"The Joint"
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U-SaV-Alot Depot
Incompetently Deployed Army Surplus
Free Beer
Fleurs du Mall
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in decision
hipster vector
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The Icing
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Decoration Nation
Ooh Shiny!
The Hotness (Now Air-Conditioned!)
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Things vs. Stuff
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Especially if you are priced competitively how about "Tourist Un-Trapped"?
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Buy Curious
Kayzie Eddie
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What beccaj said... I live in a resort town, and the stores here whose names have local flavor are a lot more memorable and appealing -- and probably more successful.
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Thanks for all the great ideas thus far! I knew you Mefites would not disappoint.

Some have asked about the location: the storefront is on a wharf at the edge of a harbor. The village is of the quaint New England variety and the shop I'm opening would be one of the more modern, up to speed offerings in town - a fact which I'd like to highlight. Please, keep tossing your ideas my way. I have an appointment with a sign-maker on Monday!
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or for that added air of authenticity: The Regalium
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Lieutenant Commander Wharf
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Or, since you seem to be selling bits and pieces, perhaps a variation thereof:


I quite like that last one.
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  • Handibles
  • Kayzie Masterpiece
  • The Rusty Squid (as a thing with many arms would help with your branding of handy accessories - the icon of your store). Of course your squid doesn't have to be rusty, it could be handy, painted, crazy or some other two-syllable word.

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    How about just Bits? lends itself to a lot of applications - your tech accessories section can be called Bits & Bytes... collectibles are Bits & Pieces... children shopping with their parents can join your Little Bits club and get a free balloon or something... your closed sign can say "Back in a Bit!", etc, etc, etc.
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    Smart Casual
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    Damn - I am trying to guess where you might be located!

    Wel- I like classier simpler names that have a simple image that can be used as a theme a bit in the store.


    d a n d e l i o n s (cool images - the dandelion about ready to make a wish on and the sunny cheery yellow one)

    THE SILVER WILLOW (lots of cool images there too)
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    Cagey (KG - your initials) Lobster

    Cagey anything would work - Cagey Lobster, Cagey Oyster, Cagey Nautilus, Cagey Pelican, etc.

    I also like the simplicity of

    g e a r
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    Shiny Objects
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    pieces of paradise
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    Le Bling
    K.G.'s Fine Goods Ltd.
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    Crazy Delicious
    Best. Stuff. Ever.
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    A pun:

    Personal Effects
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    Flotsum and Jetsum (or however they're spelt)
    Cargo Cult
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    Millenium Trading Co? Combines the idea of "new" along with the old "trading company" sort of thing you'd find at a working harbor...
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    block + tackle?
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    One More Thing
    Something Else
    More Is More
    Set It Off
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    After reading location

    For Shore
    High Tide
    Four Sail
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    Pastiche - means "a medley" (i.e. your goods inventory) but also sounds French-ish which conveys retail sophistication. Doesn't ring unisex though.

    The Emporium says "I'm a store for browsing, I'm a destination experience, I have a wide variety of goods to interest any shopper."

    Town to Country, or maybe Up From Town, as in, "I've just come back from the city with fabulous new things," i.e. something that alludes that you are consistently bringing urban style to the village.

    Purveyors, outfitters, merchants and goods are all words that will brand you as "unisex retail" if you can incorporate them somehow; maybe something more local can be combined with one of those words, like a county name or an area mascot or

    Speaking of local, is there a local legend or story or person who could be incorporated in some way? Something with kitsch but not cheese? If not, could you create one? Sometimes the most authentic-sounding things aren't really that authentic at all.
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    "local geographic feature" Ephemera & gifts
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    Sea Breezes.
    The Gull's Nest.
    Treasure Trove.
    The Docks.
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    Parc (i.e., the opposite of crap)
    Beeblow (missp. of bibelots)
    And I really like horsew/noname's Buy Curious
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    Shazzizzles n' bits?
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    p.s. whatever you decide to go with, you should try to vet through the appropriate county clerk, secretary of state, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It would suck to pick a name in a hurry and start on signage, only to find out that someone in Maine, or even in the next town, is using the same name and happens to be litigious.
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    The Edge
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    Pier 2 Imports
    Pier Gynt
    Bras and Chanteys
    Higgs' Bosun
    Courteney's Coxswain
    The Ship Chandlers
    The Salty Schooner
    The Boston Steamer
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