Canadian version of 7 Up
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Help me find the Canadian version of 7 Up.

It was based on the British documetary 7 Up. I remember it following 3 girls, one rich, one troublemaker and one middle-class. I remember seeing it on the CBC years ago, so I'm sure it's been time for a follow-up. I'd be happy with a write-up of what happened to the girls.
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You could try contacting Michael Apted; if you sign up for an IMDB Pro trial, it looks like you can get his information here.
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It's not actually to do with Apted or the British movies, it's just based on the same idea. I've seen this movie too.
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Film Club?
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Talk 16, followed by Talk 19
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I remember these. It's a real shame there wasn't any further follow-up - seems like a no-brainer, but perhaps the women weren't interested? Anyways, it was well worth watching if you ever get the chance. The two films together (the second is much shorter) would make a great DVD.
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Thanks so much - it was Talk 16 and Talk 19. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't find it. You're right Stinkycheese, I'd love to see a follow-up.
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Did you find the movies by Googling or IMDB-searching? If so, can you explain how? I spent ages trying.
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I'm assuming you're asking me this question AmbroseChapel? When I first saw this thread, girlpublisher has already identified the films in question. I remembered them too, obviously.

From there, I found the third link by Googling phrases "talk 16" and "talk 19", but I knew that IMDB would have info on these so I just searched there (it's one of my favourite sites & I use it daily) for the first two links.

You're right, there is precious little available. You might try Googling the directors' names for more information or you could always try the CBC. Eventually they'll probably put it out in some form, unless there's legal issues of consent or whatnot, I guess...?
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