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I want to download a (non-copyrighted) FLV film (called A Film For Schools) from the CBC Radio 3 site, so I can post it on YouTube. How do I download it?

The film is not copyrighted because it is made of public domain educational films (this is stated in the end credits). I really love the film and would like to make it more available, but the CBC Radio 3 website is badly designed and the video player stops to re-buffer every 30 seconds so I want to put it up on YouTube.
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Their website is all flash -- there's very little likelihood of you finding an easy way to take the video from it. But, I was able to dig up some contact info for Jason Asbell (warning, it will resize your browser window..sorry). Maybe he can help you out?
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You need Replay Media Catcher, which is awesome. And it does work on the CBC website and on this particular film, which I just tested. (RMC comes with a free FLV player but today I donwloaded this one and like it much better for the full-screen option. Yay.)
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I would contact the CBC and ask them to put it on Youtube, for two reasons. First, I'm sure they would appreciate being notified of additional venues for this video. Secondly, compressing FLV twice is going to look terrible.
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You want this Firefox extension:


Load the page with the FLV on it, save to disk, open with VLC.
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what about emailing them and asking them to post it on their youtubes channel?
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Don't assume that the finished film is in the public domain merely because the visual pieces that make it up are in the public domain.

It is a new work that is transformative of earlier work, but the new work itself is most likely copywritten. A work doesn't actually even require the notice of copyright, it is automatically copywritten by the Berne Convention.
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I found this after unsuccessfully referring someone to the Radio 3 archives so that they could also see this short. The archives appear to be out of commission.

I know the film makers. I will ask them to post it on YouTube.

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I have contacted the filmmakers and they have advised that copy of "A Film for Schools" will be uploaded to YouTube sometime this week. Better late than never.

When I have a link, I will be sure and send it your way.

The directors said to say thanks for your interest, and the suggestion about uploading it.
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