Looking for old library featured on the CBC.
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CBC Radio had a program on an old Quebec library (I think - in Montreal) - that dates from the 1800's and is supposed to be absolutely stunning. Something that people would envision being right out of Harry Potter. Unfortunately - I could not make out the name of the Library - and lot's of googling has come up with nothing. Does anyone here know if the Library in question?
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Was it Dawson College?
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Are you sure it wasn't Ottawa? The Library of Parliament is pretty kick-ass.
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Best answer: I think I heard the same CBC show you're speaking of. It's the Morin Centre, which is managed by the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, and is located in Quebec City.
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Was this sometime last week? I heard the same show as angiep (Ideas?), which discussed the Literary & Historical Society.
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There are two I've heard of in Montreal but not actually seen. One is the Atwater Library, whose stacks are sitting on thick glass you can see down through. I believe anyone can go in there. The other is the old law library at the top of the old Palais de Justice on Notre-Dame – the building that sits between the Hôtel de Ville and the current Palais de Justice. I don't know whether that's accessible to the public but I don't think it is, or at least not as a regular thing.
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Response by poster: I think the Morin is the space they are talking about - but the other library look awesome too. I live in Vancouver - so old libaries are not the sort of thing that one finds here on the West Coast.

Many thanks!
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I'm also pretty sure it's the Morin library. It's amazing, one of my favourite spots in Quebec City.
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If you like fancy libraries in general, please enjoy this set of gorgeous photos and maybe this list for your googling pleasure.
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Response by poster: Sallyfur - thanks for that. Completely awesome. The amount of information, ideas, and thoughts contained in those rooms is mind boggling.
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ohhh, Sallyfur, those libraries are gorgeous! Now I want to be a librarian...
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