It's complicated--other stories like "Almost Romance?"
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I recently read "Almost Romance" by Nancy Balbirer and am looking for stories/plots (any medium, fiction or non, I'm not picky) with the same kind of dynamic.

Specifically, she had this kind of friendship/off-and-on FWB/"it's complicated" dynamic going on with a fellow for 30+ years before finally getting together. I'm both fascinated by this sort of thing and I don't get it (like, why if you know this is the one, are you chasing after other people?), at the same time. A friend of mine did this with her husband for five years and she's tried to explain it to me as to why she ran from it and I'm still kinda like "...." when we've had the conversation. Here's an interview with the author about it and the NYT wedding announcement she's referring to.

Just wondering if there's any other mediums/stories out there to help me get that dynamic. I can think of that "Love Letters" play off the top of my head and possibly "Same Time Next Year" and "The Actor and the Housewife" (though that's a weird/bad example) and that's about it. I have no preference as to what medium or whether or not it's fiction or nonfiction. Doesn't have to be a 30+ years sort of thing, just trying to get why one would be freaked out/drag it out.
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There's a sort of "they know they're meant to be together, why won't they just do it already" relationship in Sally Rooney's latest, Beautiful World, Where Are You?
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