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Help me plan my baby-moon

I'm seven months pregnant - the husband and I would like to get away somewhere for a weekend before the baby arrives. We live in San Franicsco and would like to go somewhere within driving distance where it won't be raining (and might acutally be warm). We've thought about LA - but are considering other options. Would be nice to have something to do (other than wine tasting given my "condition") but mostly relaxing (by a pool?) and eating good food would be priorities. A little expensive is ok - insanely expensive is best left off this list. We're looking at the last weekend in April. Any ideas?
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25 weeks pregnant here and my husband and I are thinking about the same thing. We were thinking about going to Big Sur for a long weekend. That's probably a bit chilly for your tastes. Have you considered Calistoga? It's a pretty short drive though wine country, it should be fairly warm by month's end, there are some great restaurants in the area (La Travigne, French Laundry), and it's known for it's mudbaths and spas.
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Speaking as someone who hasn't been to bed since Saturday at 8am, make sure wherever you go involves ample opportunity for SLEEP.
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Calistoga is a wonderful suggestion. Aim for the Roman Spa Hotel. They've got 3 mineral pools of varying temperatures. The large one is wonderful for soaking sans jets, there's an indoor pool that's just a tad warmer and then a small hot-hot tub. The latter is probably too hot for a pregnant gal, but the others should be fine.

The rooms are nuthin' fancy, but they're nice. Choose one with a kitchenette and you get a full sized fridge, microwave and dining table. There are lots of great restaurants within walking distance and Oasis Spa is right next door. Call to see if they offer a pregnancy massage.

BTW, French Laundry is quite a ways from Calistoga due south on Hwy 29 in Yountville (next town north of Napa) and Travigne (no La ) is at the southern end of St. Helena. I've always enjoy Flat Iron Grill. Just cut through the bank parking lot, cross Lincoln Ave and you're there.

Enjoy your babymoon (cute!) wherever you go.

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Could you go on a mini cruise? I went on one for my babymoon, albeit to Alaska. I liked having everything pre-planned for once in my life. (I've done lots of backpacking and road trips.) But I had morning sickness 24x7 x 9mo, so I really needed something where I didn't have to think and could just show up. No worries about missed shows or anything like that. No crazy cab rides or feeling car sick. It might not have been as exciting as what other people would have opted for, but it met my needs at the time.
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Cool, we are planning a month five babymoon, so we are being a little more ambitious. Thanks for the name idea, though!
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I love Santa Cruz. It's easy to get to and its adorable. We stayed at The Coast and it was reasonably priced with a great view. I also recommend this great restaurant called Chocolate. The food is rich and romantic, and the desserts are out of this world!
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I wish I could have been more ambitious...I had morning sickness for all 40 weeks!
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