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Is there a class that I can take in Los Angeles on taking notes in shorthand? maybe at SMC or Valley College?
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LA Trade Tech College has a course.

Script Shorthand I (Speedwriting) (3) CSU Lecture, 3 hours

This is a beginning course in Speedwriting. It is designed to broaden students shorthand vocabulary, to build shorthand speed, to increase their ability to transcribe accurately and quickly, and to expand students' knowledge of business practices and terminology.

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shorthand really isnt a formalized style of writing as far as i know. It is simply a series of abbreviations and sloppy writing that you develop when you go to college and use to take notes. Everyones shorthand is different, the only important thing is that you understand what you wrote at a later time.
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Previously on shorthand.

That questions shows that it is formalized, there are several distinct systems, and it takes a lot of effort to learn.
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Well, there ARE formalized styles of shorthand. My mom learned one back in her day, as did all secretaries. Gregg is the one she learned, I think.

As a journalist, however, I taught myself my own version. Mine is very simple -- big Qs in the margin where I want to quote someone, "bc" for "because," etc.
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I took Gregg Shorthand in highschool, I still remember a bit of it. I've used it once, and it was shortly after graduating highschool. I couldn't read what I had taken down. It's something that if you take, you have to constantly use to retain and read.
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