For teenie little greens
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I have and love the OXO salad spinner in both large and small sizes. I've been growing microgreens and wishing I had an extra small salad spinner. Can you help me find one?
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Cook Pro makes a tiny one but I don't know if it's as tiny as you would like it to be.
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You can get food safe mesh bags to put the greens in and then use whatever size spinner. You'll probably want 2 bags for balancing. This is how I spin dry pea shoots (though at a big scale). I imagine you can just use the bags for storage in your fridge after spinning.
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The small Oxo one seems pretty good for this- what don't you like about it for microgreens?
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Response by poster: pinochiette- I use it to store greens in the fridge so it would be nice to have something that takes up less space when I only have a small volume of greens. Also, the holes in the basket are big enough they let some microgreens through.

The mesh bag idea is very promising.
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