what's that song?
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Man I hope I didn't confabulate this. What is the song with lyrics LIKE "like a bat out of hell, I'll be gone, gone, gone" but that ABSOLUTELY ISN'T Bat Out Of Hell?

This morning I was thinking as I have thought in the past 'man, it's funny that I always confuse Bat Out Of Hell, a mostly major-key 8 minute operatic rager, with this other famous [?] 80s [?] song in a minor key that totally isn't that. It's probably because the lyrics are so similar! What is that other song again?' At which point I realized: I cannot find this other song for love or money. I have tried googling a lot of variations on the below possible lyrics, to no result. Please help me figure out if I made this up. I don't think I made this up. This would be a whole Berenstain Bears situation here.

Here's what I think I remember:
* rock song, maybe hair metal; Bon Jovi is the best style comparator
* minor key chorus
* the lyrics go something like this:
'like a bat out of hell, i cried go go go
like a shot in the dark, i cried go go go
[some other thing]
like a thief in the night, i cried go go go, i said go'

(Or maybe you cried? Or she cried? and maybe it was no instead of go? Or some other third thing? I am losing my mind.)

Here's an attempt to get the melody of the first line as I remember it, although it is not very in time because I used an online virtual keyboard. I appreciate any assistance you can offer.
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Best answer: Was it Rebel Yell by Billy Idol?
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2 minutes. Nice job, MeFi.
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Lolol I read the description and was like "oh I bet it's Rebel Yell".
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