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Help me track down a pop punk band I heard on a small Berkeley radio station Tuesday evening (4/4). They may have played in LA last weekend (4/1-4/2).

Last Tuesday, sometime between 8 and 10 pm, (as I remember it), I was listening to KALX, UC Berkeley's campus station. The DJ had been to LA that past weekend, and was re-creating her trip, in music. She played two great songs, back to back. They sounded like the same band. I want to find out what band(s) it was.

The music reminded me of The Dead Milkmen, maybe with more changes in tempo. The first song was about (paraphrasing here), I'll never do that to you again, never make you feel that way again. The second song seemed to be about some guy returning to his family, several times rhyming the words "wife" and "strife."

The DJ introduced the next song, reminding listeners she was chronologically re-creating her weekend in LA, and that after the show, they stayed at someone's house, and one of those people happened to also be in a band, and here was one of his band's songs. That makes me think the previous band had played at some show.

To find this band, I tried emailing the 9-midnight DJ on KALX, who said it wasn't her show, and the 6-9 pm DJ has his playlists online and appears to program a different type of music. So, maybe I was listening to 104.1 "Berkeley Liberation Radio," or another of the small Berkeley stations, with a slim chance it was one of the larger public stations like KPFA or KQED.

The phrase "the pharmacy" did get used, so I thought that might be the band name, but it's not The Pharmacy, judging by their MySpace stuff. Maybe it's a venue? Oh, and I tried Googling variations on "punk band" "greater Los Angeles metropolitan region" "sounds like the Dead Milkmen" to no avail. ;)

Anyone catch the show, hear the radio program, or know the band? It was one of those moments that gets you excited about music again.
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You could always wait for the weekly charts to come out, or email someone at KALX, if no one knows. Their (KALX's) MySpace has a lot of comments from local bands - maybe you'll recognize a name.
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Ah I missed that you had emailed them.
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My conclusion after emailing was either that I was completely confused about the day of the week, but more likely, that it wasn't KALX.

But the KALX MySpace tip is helpful anyway. I could listen to a bunch of bands quickly that way. Thanks.
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KALX has been playing a lot of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists lately but those lyrics don't ring any bells with me.
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Do you get KUSF in? It's awfully close to KALX on the dial and the DJs, being largely college kids, mostly sound pretty similar.
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Yeah, I think I do... It really might be that, or 104.1. But all KUSF gets me to is this Autumn 2005 schedule page and no email link for the time slot in question (not that I don't appreciate it, I do).
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luriete, thanks for the idea. It's not Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, unless there's a song or two that has a different sound (and probably a different singer) than the two I listened to. It's possible that another song in the set was by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, though.
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