Last minute LA Rising tickets?
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Last minute tix: Need tickets to LA Rising (LA Coliseum) tonight, but won't be getting to the venue til 9pm or so. Has anyone had good luck w/ getting cheaper tickets to such a large concert while showing up late?

At this point, I can't really justify paying full-price to a show that I'll only be able to catch for the last 2 acts. :/ Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you <3
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wow..I dunno dude. The show starts so early, I can't imagine anyone will still be outside selling tickets at 9 pm.
The neighborhood gets kinda sketchy within just a block or so...This makes me wonder where in the heck you'd be able to park your car, much less where you'd find tickets.

Checking the last of the lineup-- Rise Against is set for 6:50pm; Muse 8:20pm; and Rage ATM at 10:20pm.

You might want to re-think this plan.
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Assuming tickets would be available, are you near any brick-and-mortar ticket brokers that you could swing by at some point before the show? It may not be the most economical route, but worth checking out if you can get to one.
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Economical would be better. At this point, I think I can swing by the venue a bit earlier. I'll give it a shot. If any MeFites happen to have a ticket, please MeMail :) Thanks for the help, all.
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Note from an email I got two days ago:

The IWW is selling discounted tickets to the LA Rising Festival
( which is taking place at the Coliseum on
June 30th, next Saturday. We are offering tickets at half price - $50
- as a fundraiser for a our local branch. The tickets are for Section
16 Row 55, and Section 18 Row 57. We have 14 tickets left. If you
are interested, please call MK at (773) 410-2614 to arrange a time for
payment and pick up.
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