Can't remember tv show with magic fish...
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So there's these I think magic, I think fish, I think in an underground/basement pool ... but I can't figure out what show (or movie) I'm thinking of and now I'm obsessing over it

I remember *whatever* it was in the pools being somewhat fragile, and so there was a caretaker (maybe more than one) whose job it was to keep the pools at the proper specs. I'm pretty sure it was live action, not animated. It was probably on Hulu or Netflix because those are my primary streaming platforms.

I also think that a person got into the water and the fish decided if the person was good or if the person was magic or gave the person magic or something similar.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: This is kind of a curveball, but could it have been Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? There’s a species of symbiotic sluglike things that can be implanted in people and basically become one with them. They live in underground cave pools and are tended to by a caretaker, and there’s a scene where someone steps into the pool and kinda communes with them.
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Here is a not very good screencap of the scene I mentioned above where someone goes into the pool and communes with the symbionts.
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Response by poster: showbiz_liz that's exactly it! I must admit I wouldn't have guessed it would be any of the Treks but I'm reading through the "Equilibrium" episode on Memory Alpha and sure enough you hit it out of the park

I hate when my memory is so far off :)
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