Are the Christmas markets in Dusseldorf open?
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We (American couple) love going German Christmas markets. We're planning to go to Dusseldorf a few weeks from now, but we're worried that the markets won't be open after reading the very sad news that the Christmas markets in Bavaria and Saxony can't open this year.

I found a site that shows the Dusseldorf markets being open. Can anyone confirm that it's true? Danke schön!
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It's impossible to say at the moment, I'm afraid. The German health minister has recently said that they won't rule out a complete lockdown of the country if their COVID levels (currently at the worst they've ever been) continue to rise.

Right now it's hard to tell what will happen and the decision will probably be made within the next couple of weeks, so you'll need to just keep an eye on things. You might have to face the possibility that you won't be allowed to fly into the country at all, let alone visit a Christmas market. If I were you I would assume that the market won't be open (and be pleasantly surprised and very cautious if it does) and make sure you have travel insurance just in case your whole trip has to be cancelled. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, in other words.
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This site (in German) says that the Düsseldorf Christmas markets are open as of now (they started on November 18), but require 2G, meaning that you can only go there if you're either fully vaccinated (two weeks after your second dose) or recovered (between two weeks and six months since you tested positive, I believe).

Right now states in Germany are transitioning to stricter rules because the numbers are climbing fast. For example, the Christmas markets in Munich and Nürnberg have already been canceled.

For more information see this article on DW: COVID in Germany: Bavaria and Saxony cancel Christmas markets. Düsseldorf is in Northrhine-Westphalia, but it will probably be only a matter of days or weeks until their numbers are as high as those in Bavaria and Saxony.
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Case rates are the highest they've ever been. However, thanks to vaccinations, there are not as many hospitalizations as the last waves. However, some hospital systems are nearing capacity and will share patients with other states. If the hospitals completely fill up, expect a full lockdown. Germany never allowed the hospitals to be completely full during the pandemic, so that would be the thing that I think can most certainly predict a full lockdown. However, it's impossible to say for sure.

If there is a full lockdown, be prepared for all restaurants and shops (except essentials, like groceries) to be closed, as well as nightly curfews with police controls.
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Response by poster: Well, rereading my question, I can see that it might portray me as an entitled American - "I want to travel and have fun!" And while it's true that I do want to resume my travels, I certainly don't want to do so at the expense of the common good. I was thinking of it more like giving some money to vendors who could use it, while having a wonderful trip at the same time.

We'll keep our eyes on the numbers. Thanks for your responses.
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Throughout the pandemic German states and municipalities have assesses the local situation and implemented measures as required. This typically happens at short notice and has entailed anything from mask mandates, including what masks are acceptable, to full lockdown with limits on public and private gatherings. Requirements to present a vaccination certificate or recent test to be allowed to do things including staying in a hotel or sitting down in a restaurant to eat are the norm. And this being Germany they tend to be enforced. So by all means make your travel plans but your mindset has to be that things may well change at short notice and that you’ll have to be flexible.
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"One could think" that it's a shame to see some of the passive aggressive responses you've received to a simple question. If the Düsseldorf Christmas markets are cancelled and you're open to heading further south, the Basler Weihnachtsmarkt in Basel, Switzerland is quite charming and picturesque.
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