Where did I eat in Mexico in 2002?
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Somewhere in Oaxaca? or possibly Chiapas? It was at a nonprofit-run cultural arts center that held family-style dinners for travelers to encourage community around food. It required a reservation and I must have read about it in my Lonely Planet. Did it start with ...an N?

Major shot in the dark here. I landed in Mexico City around the holidays, spent some time there (and don't think this place was there, but there's always a chance) before traveling south by bus. I lingered the longest in Oaxaca and Chiapas. I just remember walking to this place for dinner with perhaps 20 other travelers from around the world, where we sat around a long table in a sort of indoor/outdoor space and platters came out family-style. I think the place was a nonprofit community arts center that held these dinners to raise funds and also promote cultural exchange. Pretty sure I read about it in a guidebook and somehow made a reservation ahead of time. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Casa Na Bolom in San Cristobal?

It's a museum, hotel and cultural centre. Also does food in the courtyard.
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Response by poster: Boom! YES @doornoise, that's it and THANK YOU!
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