Whipped Cream - Just got a can of it! It's dessert time....
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...except I've actually never made a whipped cream dessert lol. But I'm not a big fan of sweetness. What whipped cream dessert recipes have not so much sugar in them?
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For me, whipped cream on top of fresh berries is really all I need...
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Try a nice sploot or 4 on your cup of hot coffee.
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The fruit salad my mom made at holidays was just apples, oranges, grapes, and bananas cut into bite-size pieces stirred up with whipped cream. It's very good, and you can decide how much sugar, if any, you want to add to the whipped cream.
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For the life of me I cannot remember this recipe, but my grandmother used to make a dark chocolate mousse, and top it with whipped cream. i remember it being velvety and rich and definitely chocolatey, but it didn't have that overwhelming sweetness that some milk chocolates have. So, I'd recomend a dark chocolate mousse.

You can also have an Espresso con panna, which is a shot or two of espresso, which is then topped with whipped cream.
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An unsweetened or lightly sweetened matcha with a bloop of whip is heavenly. If matcha isn't your thing a hot chocolate made with dark cocoa would also be good.
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I've found canned whip cream is best as a topping- a squirt on fruit salad, icecream (I love the frozen cream bits), or other existing dessert.

Canned cream doesn't seem to have the structure/stability to work in a lot of creamed deserts, I've found it goes watery/gross if used for something like a chocolate ripple cake, pavlova, trifle, etc.

In short, think of it like a topping, not an ingredient. (Assuming the pressurized spray cream!)

I did enjoy spraying some straight into my mouth like a rebellious teen at a sleep over, so there's that option too.
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Put some in a small bowl. Mix in some cocoa powder. Instant chocolate mousse. Zero added sugar -- I'm assuming there's already too much sugar in your canned cream.
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You can make an apple pie with very little additional sugar, if you choose to. I love apple pie with cream.
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This isn't what you're looking for at all, but I find that for most whipped cream desserts, the sweetest part is the whipped cream itself -- unless you make homemade whipped cream, which is literally just cream and as much sugar as you want (which I put in about a teaspoon), and then whip it (with a mixer until it froths, or by hand if you're really into it!). I am the furthest person from "make it, don't buy it" but for whipped cream I make the exception.

Just a thought for next time around once you're done with the can :)
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I had a wonderful sundae on vacation once - they made a sundae out of fruit sorbets, which cut the sweetness. In my own case they used one scoop each of three different red fruits (raspberry, cherry, and red currant), but you could of course mix that up.
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If you make your own whipped cream, you can add as much or as little sugar as you like. If you don't know how to do it, go to youtube and do a search for "how to make whipped cream". You don't even need a hand mixer. If you have a whisk and a big bowl, you can do it yourself.
Bon Appetit!
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If you don't like things too sweet, throw away the can of whipped cream and buy yourself some heavy cream, then whip that up instead (with a whisk in a stand mixer if you have one, or in a blender otherwise. I know it's theoretically possible to whip cream by hand but I certainly don't have the biceps or the patience for it.)

I make it with no sugar at all, just pure cream. The canned stuff is fun to squirt in your mouth and all, but the flavor is way too sweet for me.
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I know it's theoretically possible to whip cream by hand but I certainly don't have the biceps or the patience for it.

Slightly off topic, but it hardly takes any effort at all! Early pandemic The Potate and I would often whip of a bowl of whipped cream with a smidge of sugar and cinnamon and top it over sliced strawberries.
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Y'all put sugar in whipped cream?? Honestly never heard of that before! (Brit)
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In German speaking parts you can buy vanilla sugar, which is basically sachets of about a table spoon of vanilla flavoured sugar intended for use in baking and desert making. My mother used to add a sachet of that to half a pint of cream to make whipped cream. Literally took a minute to whip with a hand mixer. This added a hint of sweetness and vanilla but it didn’t taste sweet.
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A member of my household likes it on Saltines.
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