What are your favorite snacks available to order online?
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What are your favorite snacks that can be ordered online to bring a bit of cheer to sheltering in place?

Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups have been my go-to for a while but I am a little tired of them. I am also obsessed with rice krispy treats from my local cafe Interlude, but wouldn't mind branching out. In particular, I figure I may as well support other small businesses through my snack cravings. Do you have a favorite local bakery that ships or know of other tasty treats that can deliver to Brooklyn? Thanks!
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Look no further than this page.

Pairs well with a Mrs. Maisel marathon.
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Assuming baked goods count as snacks, there's a bunch here: Food and drinks to order for shipping from black-owned companies. (I highly recommend Lee Lee's Rugelach in Harlem.)
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Economy candy in the lower east side. They do ship.

Candy. By. The. Pound.
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Response by poster: Baked goods definitely count! Lee Lee's is great!
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I have a subscription to Bokksu. I get a box of Japanese snacks (and one tea) each month. I never know what's coming so it's a surprise each month. It's perhaps a bit pricey, but I think worth it.

(I see now I may have completely missed the intent of your question. Apologies.)
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I'm a big fan of Berger's Cookies, which have a decadent 1:1 cookie-to-frosting ratio. Made in Baltimore, will ship.
In NYC: Levain Bakery will deliver its giant cookies and Butter & Scotch was my local favorite when I lived in Crown Heights.
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Oh! Also in Brooklyn: PIE!
Petee's Pie Company (I recommend the Black Bottom Almond Chess)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (I recommend the Salty Honey)
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Response by poster: nope, no misunderstanding, wittgenstein, I was a little inconsistent in my framing, and am on the lookout for all treats, not just local!
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Say cheeeeeeeeeeeese!
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If you like ice cream, Tipsy Scoop and Dolce Brooklyn deliver.
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These Puffworks peanut butter puffs are actually fairly healthy, but more importantly are tasty & snackable.
Not local, but locally available - McConnell’s Ice Cream IMO hands down makes the best ice cream.
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Response by poster: Man, my question was not clear at all, sorry about that (and for threadsitting; I will stop now). Happy to support small businesses that are local to you, not only to me, if they will deliver!
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We’re addicted to the strawberry shortcake chocolate almonds from nuts.com. They’re insanely delicious. Everything else we’ve gotten from them has been great*, but these are amazingly good. Spendy but tasty.


*their cashews are the best I’ve had, but costco has cashews that are nearly as good for a much better price. But seriously, anything you try from their website will be great. Free shipping if you spend over $50 I think.
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The top present for my tween's birthday was monthly snacks from around the world (medium size). It provides like 3 days of entertainment every month - tracking the package, opening it up and sampling everything, ranking them and reading the pamphlet (which is really well designed), etc.

The snacks are fine (mix of savory and sweet), but really at this point the variety and surprise is the better present.
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