Waltham, MA ca. 1988 - 1990: Manufacturer of Geiger-Mueller Detectors?
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OK, this is a real long-shot, but I'm looking for the name of a maker of puck-shaped Geiger-Mueller detectors (aka tubes) in Waltham, MA in the 80's.

They seem to have vanished without a trace.

I did some contract work for them around 1987 - 1990. Would like to add this to one version of my resume, for reasons.

Hope me hive mind; thanks!
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I don't know about Waltham, but an American company called Mirion makes puck shaped Geiger-Mueller dectectors that at a glance fit your description and they seem to have offices in various places in the US.
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Best answer: Could it be TGM Detectors? Not entirely conclusive but some search results there look pretty promising.
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Best answer: These 2 links mention TGM Detectors. Was the company on Bear Hill Rd? Maybe you can drive by and see if there are any remnants of any signs?


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Best answer: T G M is listed at 160 Bear Hill Road in 1990 in this city directory, page 446, as radiation detectors manufacturers. In a search of the book, they are they only thing that comes up for "radiation".
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Response by poster: I don't freakin' believe it! Yes, it was TGM Detectors! Thanks!
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Response by poster: (Why couldn't *I* find it? :P )
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