First person blog of a homeless woman
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This is a long-shot, but I have a distinct memory from perhaps 15 years ago of reading a blog series written by a (very likely profoundly mentally ill) person who was living in a makeshift igloo/hovel-type structure near a highway. She was stealing electricity from a nearby building to power her computer. [disturbing details inside]

She claimed that she used to be in the hard sciences, I think working for either NASA or maybe the JPL, went feral and intentionally became someone's sex-slave. Later she escaped and built her hovel where she lived and blogged. I can remember that she gave a detailed account of how she survived including using a trash-can as a bathroom. There were other horrifying details but that one stands out to me. I've googled everything from "weirdest blogs" to "most terrifying internet stories," sifted through reams of creepy-pasta, and I'm still coming up empty.
This is my last hope at jostling something out of the dustbin of internet history - if this comes up empty I'll probably abandon the search.

Iirc she was conventionally attractive and could "pass" as a regular person if she wanted to. She wrote a great deal about her experiences in BDSM before going completely "feral."
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Response by poster: I swear I found it during the bad old days of metafilter (pre-20k members), or through the early SA forums. I assume if it was a myspace page or maybe livejournal it's likely lost to bit-rot.
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There was a former (I think?) MeFi user named Michelle in California.... some of this sounds like it may have applied to her.
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(she had a blog as well)
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Best answer: Faye Kane

Blog : is no longer live but findable through way back machine.
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There was a former (I think?) MeFi user named Michelle in California

She was active here between 2012 and 2017. I miss her. She did indeed post tips about living rough but the OP's question describes a more extreme lifestyle than I recall her relating.
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Response by poster: That's gotta be it, Multivalent, thank you.
The wayback seems to be choking on the Blogger "adult content" warning banner and I can't get through to the blog, but googling that name confirms that this is definitely who I was remembering. Thank you.
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Response by poster: Ope. Found a way to an archive of the site. Kinda sorta wish I hadn't. Thanks all!
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Are you willing to share your method? I'm not having success with the wayback machine for that blog either.
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Response by poster: inexorably_forward - I was able to access two remaining pages (but all links therein are dead) - here and here (NSFW) (CW: rape, mental health, basically everything you could have a cw for)
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Response by poster: It appears she is (was?) active on LinkedIn. I honestly hope she found the help she obviously needed, despite all of her protestations to the contrary.
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