Where should we move between Boston and Waltham?
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My boyfriend is going to Brandeis in Waltham, MA. I'm going to Simmons in Boston, MA. Where should we move?

I currently attend Simmons College for grad school. I have one to one and a half years of school left. My boyfriend was just accepted into a PhD program at Brandeis. He has several years of school to go.

Ideally, we would like to move in together by this Fall; however, we feel that my current apartment in Jamaica Plain (while it IS awesome..) is too far from Waltham. So, what areas should we be looking at to move?

Our potential new location has to have adequate (regular and somewhat frequent) public transit opportunities to and from our respective schools. Also, he will be at his school far more often than I will be at my school, so we want to be closer to Brandeis than to Simmons.

We're looking to spend no more than $1500/month in rent for a two-bedroom.

Dog-friendly neighborhoods are a plus.

Locations that would allow my boyfriend to ride his bike to school are also a huge plus.

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Porter Square t-stop has a commuter rail line that goes to Waltham. I'd say the Porter and Davis Square areas would be a pretty good option for him, and I know people who live in that area who attended Simmons for their MLS degrees. They didn't mind the commute that much.

Those areas are also really close to the Minute Man trail, which is really lovely for biking, walking, rollerblading, and so forth, so even if he can't ride his bike to work, there's a really good biking area for him.

And you'd certainly find a two bedroom for that price.
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Watertown Square? It's on the 70 bus line, which goes between Brandeis and Central Square (where you can get on the Red Line), and it's in your price range.
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My neighborhood is in Waltham, right off Main Street on the Watertown line, next to the Gore estate. Don't know about dog-friendly (Beaver reservation is nearby), but I like it because it's on the 70 bus line, which takes me right to Central Square and the Red Line. (Another bus from Watertown Square will take you right to Downtown Boston.) A reasonable biking distance to Brandeis, and only a 15 minute drive to Harvard Square or route 128. And much cheaper than Watertown. Good luck.
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Waverly Square in Belmont would put you right on the train line to Brandeis and the bus line (73) to Harvard Square. My two-bedroom apartment further east toward Cambridge is right in your price range.
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I've lived in Belmont on the 73 bus line before, and it's adequate for getting into Harvad Square to catch the red line. I'm not familiar with the commuter rail line out to Waltham. I currently live in the Davis/Porter square area of Somerville and while I like it better than Belmont, I don't have a car, and that makes a big difference.

We have a fairly large 2-bed with a back yard for $1500 (my kitchen is hugemongous), but in Belmont I had a similar appartment with no yard (back porch though) for $1250. Neither one had parking, but if you have a car you would probably pay more for a parking spot in Somerville than you would in Belmont.
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How 'bout the North End of Boston. Its near North Station, which is where the Fitchburg/S. Acton commuter rail line (to Waltham) originates and is also on the Green Line of the T, which gets you out to Simmons.
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Brighton to Watertown. That'll make it convenient for both of you AND give you easy public transportation access.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! These answers were all extremely helpful!
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The drive to Waltham from JP isn't horrible. There are a bunch of backroads that will make the commute traffic jam free. It should take 30-45 min depending on the time of day. If he wants to ride his bike, it should take about an hour & he would have to suffer the uphill ride by Larz Anderson Park. Contact me if you want to know the route.
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