The mystery of the traveling leg injury
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I have no idea what serious injury I have bestowed upon myself or the length of time ill be in this condition I was hoping some of you maybe had a similar injury. Ok Day one which was Oct 24 I fell at the skate rink (more to come)

I will pause briefly to relate that I am an everyday, very competent roller skater with indoor and outdoor quads and have been skating recreationally on at least a 3 times a week basis for 6 years. My fall occurred while in "train" which my hand is holding one hand in front of me who is also holding a hand in front of them. I landed right knee square with the floor and didn't twist my ankle or leg that im aware of. The major pain came from the pulling as the hand I was holding didn't realize I was going down and I may have in that moment dislocated my knee. But it did not stay dislocated it was just an observation from Xrays taken later...more on that. OK so this was a Sunday and I walked with a bit of a limp but only bruised on the knee and shin up to day 5 or so. On day 6 I was rushing to get dressed and in my closet I kicked the corner of a rolling suitcase with my right shin and the pain was so immense I about threw up. I winced for a bit then went about my day. Later on day 6 I noticed I couldn't put much weight on my leg at all and when I went to get undressed my leg was bruised the entire way around plus I had lost the sensation on the upper part of my knee and some way down the shin. I went to the ER and a couple Xrays didn't find any breaks but when the doc saw the bruising he put me in a knee immobilizer and crutches. Now this is where it gets weird. My knee had been sort of bruised swollen and stiff but as the days wore on the soreness and swelling has moved first to my shin where I couldn't even touch the skin without the whole thing throbbed and now my foot and ankle are locked in a flexed position and so swollen I can't put it down without all hellfire turning loose. My knee has no pain to speak of at this moment although a trip to the Urgent Care revealed no breaks in either kneecap, leg or ankle (i broke my fifth metatarsal in Sept 2017 but mistakenly thought it could be broken again). There is a burning sensation similar to the sting of a sunburn that comes and goes in both the shin and ankle areas but its really intense and not just on the skin. Since i fell on my knee and kicked my shin i can't understand why my foot is so swollen and stiff so I wondered if there is a ligaments tear that either could be the problem or what. Other than that I can't imagine what I could have done to myself that has me unable to stand or walk without a crutch and has not subsided in pain or swelling for over two weeks. Any thoughts? P.S. I see the ortho on Tuesday and will be getting MRI and have already ruled out blood clots and fractures.
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Compartment Syndrome? Seems to potentially cause many weird symptoms.
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Sounds like compartment syndrome to me, or there are a few other similar trauma/inflammation soft tissue things that can happen. The ortho will possibly be able to help or (more likely) hook you up with appropriate referrals.
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Gravity pulls liquids down. Sleep with your feet elevated. NAD, more than a couple similar stories. One might also want to check out compression socks to keep things from pooling down in the feet and forcing things to normalize more equally. Gravity is a bitch.

You seem to be doing fine due diligence about seeking real medical attention. Ask them about the compartment syndrome or such. It might just be a case of not being able to predict the course of an injury enough but that "you'll be fine" is just a not sure how it will manifest but that injury might do weird things for a month or two but you'll be fine and there's really not much we can really do to make it better.

Bodies are weird.
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Compartment syndrome usually occurs as a response after injury. Swelling becomes so tight and compartmented in the muscle fibers that it compresses vessels and the muscle fibers themselves. Outflow of blood/lymphatic fluid from the affected limb is impaired and the swelling can become so tight that permanent tissue injury, can occur. Tight, swollen skin and intense pain are hallmarks. It's a medical emergency at that point. Please get medical care urgently. I would definitely not wait for a doctor appointment days away.
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