As Swiss as Heidi?
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I picked up Heidi a few years ago on a lark and was surprised at how great it was. The descriptions of transhumance, dairy herding, and life in the Swiss Alps were so rich and detailed -- the different ways they ate cheese! the way the grandfather stirred butter with his bare arms and went around on a sled! Now I'm on the verge of making my first trip to Switzerland and I want to read other books that give me the same feeling. For kids, adults ... fiction, nonfiction ... anything goes. I'd love to read more about Alpine transhumance but probably can't handle anything too heavy while traveling.
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You defo need something to hum along the way to Gruyère. There are many versions of Hymne Transhumance by Manu Théron
Humains et bêtes, venez dessiner
La carte de notre voyage immense,
A l’impossible on est destiné
Sur tous les chemins de transhumance

I think it's more Pyrennean than Alpine in origin, but the process is the same.
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I think you want The Young Traveller in Switzerland, 1950 children's book by Mariann Meier. This is part of a "faction" series, the books in which have a lot of detail about daily life, customs etc. You should be able to find a copy fairly cheaply online.
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Not about Switzerland, but maybe you would like Nan Shepherd?
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You might like Switzerland: A Village History.
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Adding this as I've just come across it. Not a book, but you might like theswissshepherdess on Instagram. There is a recent podcast interview with her by Clara Parkes, and a transcript at the same link. Talks specifically about transhumance towards the end.
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