Anime, D and D, super hero replicas/gifts?
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So where do people go to get cool creations inspired by d and d, lord of the rings, anime, etc?

Trying to figure out how to shop for a teen who likes replica stuff, but a lot of the websites online seems kinda sketch and amazon doesn't really have that much cool replica stuff. Like goblets, wall hangings, bedroom furniture, cool larger room decorations. Wanting to help deck out the kids room with an update to having older tastes- I'm cool with creating a literal dungeon... lol.

Major favorites are D and D, Zelda, Slime Rancher, Sakamoto, One Punch and Jujutsu Kaisen. I know I've seen people with really cool fantasy replica decor and items.... where are people doing their shopping for these things? Redbubble has some cool stuff but their style is to have items they add a picture too, )something I also want), but I'm also looking for actual replicas from shows or D and D etc. Like for Harry Potter how they have recreations of the time turner and the wands and such- but for other anime and fantasy shows. Surely there are lots of online stores that do this?-- help me find them! Thanks you all so much!
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The quality varies a lot on Etsy, and I know it's nowhere near as "authentic" as it once was in terms of handmade versus factory-made products, but it's still my main port of call for nerdy stuff like this. I'm based in NL so I filter for sellers from Europe (to avoid taxes and high shipping costs).

I also bought a bunch of stuff at a local fantasy festival a couple years back, though it was very pricey and probably also largely factory-made. If you have anything like that coming up in your area, it might be worth making the trip depending on the Covid situation.
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I'd go look at your local comic book shops if you have them. They usually have some of this on hand, but would also have access to special orders for more specific things you're looking for!
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Currently Black Milk Clothing have a Zelda line. Not sure about the quality but Look Human had a lot of random anime stuff and gaming in the past and may still now.

Soranews is a general news in Japan website but they also list a lot of upcoming anime and gaming stuff including the recent Your Name line up with Uniqlo. They also had a lot of Ghibli related replica stuff in the past.

HMV in the UK do a lot of random merchandise. The front page has a replica of an axe for example.
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Best answer: The Noble Collection has a lot of Hollywood blockbuster officially licensed stuff (LotR, Harry Potter, etc.) Not so much anime.

Society6 has some anime textiles that might be nice for your teen as wall decor.

Seconding the suggestion to go to your local comics/gaming store and see what they have and who their suppliers are.

Subtlegeeks is pretty eclectic but true to its name in offering some slightly less obviously geeky home decor.

Wyrmwood Gaming, Carolina Game Tables, and Rathskellers are three companies that make DnD accessories and furniture, but they are expensive.
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Best answer: For licensed items: For Fans By Fans, FanGamer, BoxLunch
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Best answer: Good Ol' Gamestop has a ton of this, as does Newbury Comics.
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In the UK your first port of call would be Forbidden Planet, which has a whole section of its catalogue dedicated to props and replicas. You're probably not in the UK though... and they do ship internationally, but it's a bit complicated, so probably only worth pursuing if you see something you really love.
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I'd try ebay over etsy for the anime merch, also stores like Kinokuniya and Tokyo Outlet. You may want to check out proxy services from Japan - they can go to the Jump Shops and see what's available in person.

Last year my kid wanted a costume from Sky: Children of the Light, which doesn't have any official merch. I went on Alibaba and found multiple vendors making those costumes and kid was very pleased with the results (be sure to build in extra time for shipping or be prepared to pay for express shipping - I spent extra and it was worth it for the ease of mind).
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There's a Forbidden Planet in NYC that does shipping in the US - they're part of Forbidden Planet International, a spin-off company of the original Forbidden Planet UK referenced by ManyLeggedCreature.
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Best answer: Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth both have tons of geeky merch, and searching for replicas nets you hundreds of results. They're both trusted sources in the collecting community, so don't worry about getting scammed. (I've been shopping with BBTS for over three years, and any problems I've had have been resolved quickly and thoroughly.)
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Oh, and for anime properties, there are tons of good shops, but two biggies are AmiAmi and HobbyLink Japan.
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Gaming stores (which sell a variety of games, including RPG stuff) might carry the replicas; my favorite one has started stocking the Marvel Legends ones, which are pretty good if a bit pricy.
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I was thinking a Displate metal poster. They're printed on metal, so they can't fade or get creased or such, but they can be a bit expensive. And they have a lot of anime and manga stuff.
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If the teen in question is at all interested in the "medieval" side of "medieval fantasy," Historic Enterprises is a solid place to start, and you'll find lots of other options by poking around Etsy using the key word "Society for Creative Anachronism."
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Response by poster: This is all so great everyone, thanks so much for sharing!
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